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If you want to be a "thin beauty", you must first recognize these 3 truths!

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In fact, eating a lot of vegetables will not lose weight, but will cause a burden on the body and easily lead to obesity. There are three common misconceptions about vegetables that should be avoided. Don't let the tragedy of eating vegetables become fatter again and again!

Staple food

Not all the "vegetables" you think are real dishes, such as:

1. Potatoes and taro are actually staple foods

The easiest place to lie down is a variety of potato and taro vegetables. Potatoes, yams, and taro are typical cases. For example, potatoes have a starch content of about 17%, while steamed rice has a starch content of 26%. Two bites of potato shreds can top a bite of rice.

The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends eating 50-100 grams of potatoes as a staple food every day.

Next time, if there are potato stewed beef, taro pork, yam roast chicken, vinegar potato shreds, egg yolk baked sweet potatoes, fried yam... Be careful to eat less staple food.

2. Some vegetables can partially replace the staple food

For example, lotus root, water chestnut, water chestnut, water chestnut, squash...These taste a bit squishy, ​​sweet vegetables, also contain starch, but the content is a little lower than the above group.

For example, traditional food: lotus root flour is made from the starch in lotus root.

The nutrition of these kinds of vegetables is between the staple food and vegetables. If you like to eat these kinds of vegetables, pay attention to eating less staple food.

3. Pay attention to soft beans

Tender peas, tender broad beans, tender edamame are all delicious and healthy snacks in summer, but don't underestimate them.

Of course, the nutrition of beans is still very good, and very full, if you like to eat, then you might as well use them as part of the staple food.

There are also a lot of real weight-loss vegetables. Today I will introduce you to them.


Lettuce is rich in nutrients and contains a lot of carotene, vitamins and dietary fiber. Regularly eating lettuce can promote the digestion and absorption of fat, and it can also improve the intestines and stomach~

The water content of lettuce is very high, as high as 95%, and it only has 15 kilocalories per 100 grams. The nutrient types of lettuce are more comprehensive, and eating more lettuce properly can avoid nutrient deficiency in the process of Weight loss.


Celery is extremely low in calories, it is not only rich in nutrients, but also contains a lot of dietary fiber. Helps digestion, detoxification and slimming. Celery also contains diuretic active ingredients, which can eliminate excess water in the body, diuresis and reduce swelling.

Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd has high water content, low calories, and high potassium content, which is beneficial to eliminate edema, and can inhibit fat absorption. It has the effects of detoxification and detoxification, beauty and beauty, and heat dissipation.

Bitter melon is also very low in calories and rich in bitterness, which is a famous "fat killer". Eating bitter gourd can also enhance the vitality of the skin and make the skin tender and healthy. To lose weight, don’t forget to eat bitter gourd~ motivation to lose weight


Tomatoes are very rich in nutrients. According to the research and determination of nutritionists: 50g-100g of fresh tomatoes per person per day can meet the human body's needs for several vitamins and minerals.

Healthy weight loss

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