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5 recipes are most suitable for obese people, stick to it, and lose 10 catties a month!

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The benefits of the fat girls are here! The editor introduces several Weight loss recipes specially designed for fat girls, so that you can easily change from fat to thin.

Diet for obese people:

⑴ Diet therapy: The goal of Weight loss is achieved by reducing the amount of food. The specific approach is: eat less carbohydrates (rice, noodles or bread) and fatty foods; drink too much for dinner. Eat more vegetables and soup with meals, and reduce the amount of staple food.

⑵ Recipe weight loss method: Make diet dishes, pay attention to nutrition in the selection of materials, try to choose high-protein, low-fat raw materials, and pay attention to the diversification of raw materials, so that people can still enjoy various delicious dishes while losing weight.

Weight loss recipes:

Jellyfish mixed with pumpkin

[Raw materials] 80 grams of jellyfish skin, 80 grams of shredded pumpkin, appropriate amount of green onions, appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, and vegetable oil.

[Production] (1) Wash the jellyfish and cut into shreds, remove the roots of the green onion, wash, and cut into chopped green onions; (2) Boil the pumpkin in boiling water, remove the dried water, and place it in the same container as the jellyfish skin (3) Remove the oil from the wok, sauté the chopped green onion, and turn it into scallion oil; (4) Stir in salt and monosodium glutamate into a container containing shredded jellyfish peel and shredded pumpkin, and then drizzle with scallion oil.

Baby Shrimp Cucumber

[Raw materials] 200g cucumber, 150g river prawn, Shao wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, spring onion, oil

[Production] (1) Wash the cucumber first, use a knife to split into two pieces to remove the flesh, cut into strips, wash the ginger and green onion, and cut into slices of ginger and green onion respectively; (2) Remove the oil from the pan and put it in Fry sliced ​​ginger, green onion, and river prawns until the shells turn red, stir in cucumber strips, salt, and monosodium glutamate, cook in Shao wine, stir-fry and put on a plate.

Stir-fried Basil Vegetables

[Raw materials] 250 grams of basil, MSG, a little salt, and moderate amount of oil.

[Preparation] (1) Remove the old leaves of the basil vegetable and wash; (2) Remove the oil from the wok, add the basil vegetable, stir-fry and mix with salt and MSG.

Loofah Pork Soup

[Raw materials] 100 grams of lean meat, 300 grams of loofah, appropriate amount of clear soup, MSG and a little salt.

[Production] (1) Wash the pork and cut into small slices, peel the loofah, wash, and cut into slices; (2) Pour the clear soup into a pot and boil, add lean meat and loofah, boil for a while, stir in salt, MSG is fine.

Fungus oil fruit

[Raw materials] 80 grams of oily tofu, 80 grams of fungus, 60 grams of cabbage, a little salt, MSG, and oil.

[Production] (1) Wash the cabbage and cut into pieces, slice the oiled tofu, and wash the fungus; (2) Add the fungus, oiled tofu, and cabbage to the wok, stir fry, stir in salt and monosodium glutamate after it is cooked. to make. weight lose

lose weight

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