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Super fat burning weight loss recipe, lose 20 catties a month

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Let’s share with you a super effective fat-burning and weight-loss recipe, which will help you lose 20 pounds a month.

Daily eating habits:

1. Change the two meals back to three meals, and add two meals at the same time, early to bed and early to rise, breakfast before 8 am, around 12 noon, dinner at 5:30-6, and bed before 11 am. Although it has been changed from two meals to three meals, this avoids the usual snacking habit and stays in a state of not being hungry at all times, which makes it easier to control appetite, and there is no reason to eat snacks that are easy to gain weight. In addition, the calories of the three meals did not increase. The food and calories eaten in the past three meals were averaged and put in the three meals.

2. In the dishes, it is required to reduce fat, reduce salt, reduce food for dinner, and no longer choose any snacks before going to bed, and there is no midnight snack.

3. Add foods that enhance qi and blood in the menu to relieve her fear of cold, less menstruation and other problems.

4. Start an exercise plan. In addition to thin thighs, buttocks, and buttocks, you must also have a proper running plan.

Weight loss menu on the first day:

Breakfast: One cup of five-grain soy milk, one cup of blanched cabbage, some steamed yam.

Meals: some grapes.

Lunch: a bowl of black rice, a little steamed fish, almonds mixed with spinach.

Meal: a cup of yogurt and half a banana.

Dinner: a steamed sweet potato, a bowl of tomato seaweed egg drop soup, a lettuce with sesame sauce and oil.

Weight loss menu for the next day:

Breakfast: a cup of milk, a steamed sweet potato, an apple, a few almonds.

Meals: some grapes.

Lunch: a bowl of rice, some garlic broccoli, some cold shredded chicken and amaranth.

Meal: a peach.

Dinner: a bowl of millet and red date porridge, enoki mushroom mixed with cucumber (shred cucumber, add more sesame sauce, some sugar and vinegar, a little salt and MSG and mix well), stir-fry winter melon with shrimp.

Not only the calories are reduced, but also the nutrition is richer and healthier. It is normal to lose 7 or 8 catties in the first month, and it is better. So, sisters, please continue to work hard. Don’t let yourself go because you have lost weight during this period. We must continue to work hard to achieve your ideal weight in three months.

Weight loss menu on the third day:

Breakfast: milk oatmeal, a few nuts, one apple.

Meal: a few red dates and a cup of yogurt.

Lunch: a bowl of red bean rice, some shredded beef and shredded onion, some carrots, and some celery and bean sprouts.

Meal: One orange.

Dinner: a bowl of corn pumpkin porridge, red cabbage mixed with sweet pepper and cucumber, some garlic convolvulus.

The fourth day Weight loss menu:

Breakfast: a bowl of corn pumpkin porridge, an egg, sesame sauce mixed with fungus and shredded cucumber.

Meal: some cherry tomatoes, a cup of yogurt.

Lunch: a bowl of brown rice and red date rice, konjac shreds mixed with broccoli, shrimp fried with lettuce and diced papaya.

Meal: a peach.

Dinner: a bowl of yam and barley oatmeal, a steamed eggplant, a cold kelp shredded dried tofu shreds.

The fifth day weight loss menu:

Breakfast: a bowl of yam and barley oatmeal, three quail eggs, some almonds mixed with chicken hair.

Meals: A cup of Kuding tea (because she has been a little hot and constipated recently), some autumn dates.

Lunch: a bowl of red bean rice, a bowl of chicken thigh soup, and some boiled water spinach. .

Meal: a few grapes.

Dinner: a glass of milk, a vegetable salad

Healthy weight loss

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