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Potatoes are fat "busters"! Pay attention to 3 points when eating

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There are many fans of potatoes, so what is the meaning of eating potatoes? Is it fat or thin? Why can potatoes lose weight?

In all honesty, potatoes are indeed a good fat-reducing or fitness ingredient. The first advantage is that they are low in calories, with an average of only 76 calories per 100g, and the calorie and carbohydrate content is less than one-third of the same weight of rice. two.

In addition, it is rich in dietary fiber, relatively large in size, strong in satiety, and contains resistant starch that is more conducive to fat reduction. It can be said to be very good.

What's more surprising is that potatoes are also rich in vitamins and minerals. The VC content is 4 times that of apples, and the potassium content is higher than that of bananas.

It's no surprise that the man who lost weight and the hero of the movie "The Martian" can last so long with it. If you switch to eating only rice, it won't happen.

but! This does not support this single diet plan. It may not be life-threatening in the short term, but in the long term, it is possible that the lack of protein and fat may affect your health.

From another perspective, this extreme way of eating is also a great psychological challenge, and the quality of life is reduced to such a point, it is too difficult to persist.

If you want to reduce fat, the correct way to open is very simple, that is, usually use steamed potatoes, baked potatoes, etc. instead of polished rice and noodles as the staple food. Other meat, egg, milk and green vegetables are normally full, which is enough to surprise you.

Misunderstandings of potato Weight loss

1. The cooking method is incorrect

Potatoes are not an immediate Weight loss food, and you will not lose weight by eating potatoes every day. If the method of processing and cooking potatoes is improper, it will not only fail to lose weight but also increase weight. For example, French fries, once they are fried, their energy is much higher than the energy of the potatoes themselves. The calories of a medium-sized steamed, boiled or roasted potato is about 90 kcal, and after the same potato is fried into fries, the energy contained can be as high as 200 kcal.

2. Use potatoes as the only food for a long time

From the point of view of nutritional value of potatoes, compared with polished rice and white flour, potatoes have higher mineral content, such as potassium and magnesium. In addition, potatoes also have a certain amount of dietary fiber, while there is very little dietary fiber in polished rice and white flour. Therefore, it should be said that it is a good choice to substitute some polished rice and white noodles with potatoes. However, the long-term practice of using potatoes as the main food is not very desirable. This will make the food too monotonous, and it is difficult to obtain all the nutrients the body needs.

Tips for losing weight with potatoes

1. When buying potatoes, do not choose the buds, because the buds contain toxins, which can cause diarrhea, and the flesh turns dark gray or dark spots, which may be frozen and it is also difficult to eat.

2. When using this method to lose weight, pay attention to balanced nutrition, and you can properly supplement some protein to provide a good body foundation for future weight loss.

3. Potato chips cannot be used to lose weight. Potatoes will absorb a lot of oil during the frying process, and they will become fat after eating.

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