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One kind of food will make you fat and addicted, but you eat it every day

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People who want to lose weight don't dare to eat sugar easily. They all know that if you eat too much, you will gain weight. Is it true that you can't eat sweets to lose weight?

The body uses carbohydrates as energy, but too much simple sugars will be broken down into glucose and quickly enter the blood. The speed of this process is the reason for the intake of too much sugar. Because sugar does not make people feel full, you will eat more and more inadvertently. After ingesting the energy needed by the body, the body stores excess sugar in fat cells. If you consume too much sugar for a long time and lack of exercise, then you can only hope to sigh.

Sugar is everywhere in the diet. After living in such a "honey pot" for a long time, it may not be "sweet" to happiness in the end, but "sweet" to misfortune. You might as well take five steps to quit sugar addiction.

The first step: uncover the invisible sugar

Although some foods do not feel sweet, the sugar content in them is surprisingly high. Glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, maltose, honey and corn syrup are all sugars. The more the ingredients are listed in the front of the food ingredient list, the higher their content.

Avoid high-sugar diets, first of all, do not choose these delicious foods with added sugars. We must learn to read food labels. In this way, even the invisible sugar in packaged food can be detected by us. Secondly, don't add extra sugar to your hot drinks and food, and it can also make the human body consume less sugar.

You should also pay attention to cooking, try to avoid sweet and sour, braised and other methods, and adding sugar not only increases sugar intake, but also masks the taste of salt, which will also increase salt intake unintentionally.

Step 2: Don’t quit all at once

For people who like sweets, it is really difficult to quit all at once, so you might as well do it step by step.

Therefore, if you can’t resist the temptation occasionally and eat a little muffin or a piece of chocolate, don’t think that you have failed to give up sugar. You must continue to stick with confidence and believe that a low-sugar diet is far better than our high-sugar diet. Dietary dependence.

A few weeks after you lower your sugar intake, you will find that there will be some changes in the body internally and externally. These changes will make you no longer want a high-sugar diet and encourage yourself to stick to it.

The third step: to supplement the regrettable probiotics with less sugar

Sugars play a very important role in the ecology of the human intestinal tract. The unbalanced intestinal flora has a huge demand for sugars, and this demand will become worse when you do not consume sugars at all.

Sometimes, completely avoiding sugars in the diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies and increase the number of harmful bacteria in the intestines. A better way to kill harmful bacteria in the body is to regularly consume probiotics, such as yogurt, cheese, kimchi and other foods, which contain a variety of probiotics.

The fourth step: curb your sugar cravings

When you start to reduce your dietary sugar intake, it may in turn increase your demand for sweets. At this time, don't be too indulgent. You might as well use other foods instead of sweets, such as low-sugar vegetables and fruits.

Step 5: You need protein more when you are hungry

Sometimes we feel hungry, it is entirely possible that the body urgently needs the supply of protein, rather than sugar.

High-protein foods decompose more slowly and stay in the digestive tract for a long time, which makes us feel fuller, such as meat, fish, eggs, beans and nuts.

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