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It's not just dinner that determines your fat or thinness, but also breakfast!

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Breakfast is related to one day's life and mental state. Breakfast is even more important during Weight loss. How to eat during Weight loss.

Drink water first

After a night of sleep, people consume a lot of water and nutrients, and are in a physiological state of water shortage after getting up. If you only eat a regular breakfast, it is far from being able to supplement your physiological dehydration. Therefore, do not rush to eat breakfast in the morning, but drink 500-800 ml of cold water immediately, which can not only supplement the water lost overnight, but also clean up the intestines, but do not drink more water before eating breakfast.

Supplement fruit

If breakfast can be supplemented with fruits, the quality will be better! Fruit is a rich source of vitamins A and C, and contains vitamin B complex, fiber, and minerals. It not only stimulates appetite, but also promotes intestinal peristalsis and maintains the balance of acid in the body. Eating fruit can not only nourish the skin and beautify it. And it makes us look radiant, beautiful and moving in the morning!

For example, we can choose to eat congee with greens, or lettuce salad, ham and cucumber with cucumber. It is better to eat an apple, orange or half a banana after breakfast.

Not too much heat

The breakfast intake will vary depending on the body type and age. However, 400 to 500 calories are more appropriate, accounting for about a quarter of the daily requirement. But you can try to add more sugar.

Recommended breakfast recipe

1. Corn Weight loss breakfast

Ingredients: 2 spoons of corn flour, 1 spoon of milk, 1 spoon of oatmeal

Method: Just brew the ingredients with boiling water. If you feel that you are not full enough, you can cook a piece of fresh corn the night before, microwave it the next morning, and serve with corn soup.

Efficacy: Corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is a good health product in coarse grains, which is quite beneficial to promote human digestion. Corn is also a staple food for weight loss, rich in nutrients, and glycogen, which is relatively difficult for the body to absorb, which is very conducive to weight loss.

2. Black soy milk

Ingredients: 60 grams of black beans, 500 ml of water.

Method: Wash the black beans and soak them in water overnight. Pour out the soaking water, and then put the black beans into the bean paste machine and smash them. Use a filter bag to filter out the soybean dregs, and heat the soybean milk to a boil.

3. Milk stewed peanuts

Ingredients: 100 grams of peanuts, 20 grams of medlar, 30 grams of white fungus, 1500 milliliters of milk, and appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Method: Wash the white fungus, medlar and peanuts. Heat the pot, add milk, add white fungus, medlar, peanuts, rock sugar and cook until the peanuts are overripe. The peanuts are crispy, and the soup has a strong milky taste and slightly sweet. You can eat white fungus, wolfberry, and peanuts while drinking the soup.

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