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If you want a good figure, you must refuse sweets? NO! Eating dessert can actually lose weight

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Is there a better way to eat sweet food and not get fat? You'll know after reading this article.

If you must eat sweets and not want to gain weight, increasing the amount of exercise is the most effective way. It can not only enhance the body mass, but also accelerate the metabolism and burn fat. If you can add some auxiliary products to support combustion, the effect will be more effective. .

Obviously not eating fat, why do you gain weight even if you eat sweets? This is because sugar can be converted into glycogen after being digested in the body to provide energy for daily exercise. This is the first and most easily consumed substance, while the indigestible glycogen will be converted into fat and stored in the body as a reserve. Energy supply material

Another reason is that high-sugar foods can stimulate insulin secretion, and insulin can also promote sugars to synthesize fat. At the same time, once it soars, rebound hypoglycemia is likely to occur, causing hunger, and then increasing food intake, gradually forming a vicious circle. In other words, excessive sugar can be converted into fat if it cannot be completely consumed. In other words, if you eat too much sweets, the fat will always be fat!

A little coup for eating desserts that will not be fat, but you can also lose weight.

Choose low calorie desserts

The calories of desserts are generally high, but it is not ruled out that some desserts are relatively low in calories, and people often eat them and will not get fat. When choosing a dessert, you can choose a dessert with less cream, which will virtually reduce your calorie intake.

In addition, you can choose coarse cereals desserts. The coarse cereals contain very little fat and carbohydrates, so it is difficult to cause obesity. Moreover, the dietary fiber in the coarse cereals is richer, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help the body excretion to be better eliminated. , Over time, it will achieve the effect of Weight loss, so it is important to learn to choose the right dessert to eat.

Eat half an hour before lunch

Eating a little dessert before lunch not only meets the needs of the human body, but also does not cause obesity. Desserts can stimulate the secretions in the brain and make the brain in a state of excitement. The desire to eat at lunch is reduced, which affects the appetite, and the human body will not absorb excess calories. Over time, the goal of Weight loss can be achieved.

In addition, when eating desserts, the best time is 20 to 30 minutes, so that the brain can feel full, not eating too much, reducing calorie intake, don’t look at these small details, it It really has a certain effect on weight loss.

Fructose instead of sucrose

Some desserts have different choices of sugar varieties due to different preparation methods. Some desserts are made of sucrose, and some desserts are made of fructose. These sugars have different calories to the human body, especially sucrose, which produces higher calories after being absorbed by the human body, which is easy to cause obesity. And fructose produces lower calories after being absorbed by the body.

When choosing desserts, it is best to choose desserts made with fructose for consumption, which can reduce the body's heat absorption and achieve the effect of weight loss.

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