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The 7-day weight loss recipe is open: people who insist on eating are losing weight

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A 44-year-old mother with two children used to be as bloated as most postpartum women. Later, relying on her own diet diet of 6-8 meals a day and anaerobic exercise, she succeeded in losing weight, and her body was bigger than a 20-year-old woman. It's beautiful! The goddess Zheng Duoyan tells you: If you want to have a perfect body, it is difficult to succeed only by exercise, because the calorie intake is an important factor in determining your body's basal metabolic rate. Only a small amount of meals can "cheat" the body to burn. Heat.

Zheng Duoyan's diet meal recipes are released

Monday recipe:

Breakfast: half bowl of five-grain rice, grilled earthen fish, cold mountain vegetables, white radish, braised tofu, cabbage miso soup, kimchi

Dessert: a cup of original yogurt, strawberry

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich (prepared with snacks)

Snack: half boiled sweet potato, 1/4 apple, a small amount of celery

Dinner: roasted vegetables

Dessert: Tomato and Yangru Salad, Herbal Tea (Lemongrass + Wild Rose)

Tuesday recipe:

Breakfast: half bowl of wheat rice, fried egg, Korean miso soup, fried chili with dried small fish, grilled tofu, scallion and garlic sauce, cucumber kimchi

Dessert: half an apple, a cup of soy milk

Lunch: Green bean rice bento (green bean rice, fried egg, cold spinach, fried carrots, braised tofu

Dessert: Low-fat milk, nuts, (almonds, peanuts, cashews, blueberries, dried persimmons)

Dinner: asparagus, grilled chicken breast

Dessert: Herb tea, boiled egg whites (3 pcs), half cucumber

Wednesday recipe:

Breakfast: half bowl of brown rice, beef broth, seaweed, fried burdock shreds, braised silver pomfret, cold spinach, kimchi

Snacks: grapefruit and lettuce salad, orange sauce

Lunch: lettuce and wheat bibimbap, cod fish soup, scallion and garlic sauce, kimchi

Snack: Chicken sorbet (half sweet potato, half boiled chicken breast, a cup of fat-free milk, honey)

Dinner: Kimchi tofu

Dessert: Banana Yogurt Slush (half banana root, original yogurt, low-fat milk, half lemon juice)

Thursday recipe:

Breakfast: oatmeal, vegetable omelet, half a kiwi, 3 strawberries, orange juice

Snacks: apple lettuce salad, salad dressing (low-fat milk, original yogurt, a small amount of honey, pepper, lemon juice, thinly sliced ​​lemon zest)

Lunch: Five-grain rice and grilled fish bento (five-grain rice, grilled salmon, fried kimchi, fried egg, cold cucumber)

Snack: small tomato, half boiled sweet potato, 2 boiled eggs (white), 1/3 orange

Dinner: Fried white meat and fish with pesto

Snacks: Vegetable sticks (celery, carrot, red pepper, cucumber)

Friday recipe:

Breakfast: Half a bowl of five-grain rice, beef seaweed soup, braised potato, cold cauliflower, Korean style steamed tea bowl, tender white radish kimchi

Dessert: Fruit Tower (Strawberry, Orange)

Lunch: whole wheat salmon sandwich, grapefruit juice, cherry tomatoes

Dessert: Sweet Potato Box

Dinner: Chicken breast salad, Japanese style sauce

Snack: Vegetable Tower (small tomatoes, cauliflower, cheese)

Saturday recipe:

Breakfast: half bowl of purple rice, bellflower root mixed vegetables, cucumber kimchi, cold bracken, grilled salmon, cabbage kimchi, cod soup

Dessert: peanut, strawberry juice

Lunch: Five-grain rice, white meat fish, cold broccoli, fried small fish, half boiled egg, asparagus mixed vegetables, fried carrots, fried eggs, small tomatoes, kimchi

Dessert: Banana Yogurt Slush (half banana root, original yogurt, low-fat milk, half lemon juice)

Dinner: Chicken breast salad, herb olive salad dressing

Dessert: Cilantro Cheese Salad

Sunday recipe:

Relax for a day, freely match and eat at will!

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