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Doing 4 exercises a day is equivalent to running for 1 hour! Lose fat easily at home

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Beauty-loving women want to lose weight without rebounding. Today, I will introduce you to the method of not rebounding.


1. Develop the habit of weighing every day

Although it is frustrating to see that the pointer pattern on the scale does not move, it can serve as a reminder and vigilance. As long as the weight rises slightly, you can control and adjust your diet in time to prevent it from rising. According to research, the Weight loss of people who weigh every day is twice as effective as those of people who have an unconstrained body weight.

2. Calculate the calories of food

The general reason for gaining weight is that calorie intake is higher than consumption. Knowing the calories of food, calculating and recording the daily intake of food and calories, not only can be used as a basis for tracking consumption, but also self-control or selective intake when eating, but also to develop healthy eating habits.

Three, measure the amount of food

Buy a small amount of food and use it more at home. This will not only prevent overdose, but also visually check the amount of food when eating out after getting used to it, so as to avoid excessive intake.

Four, plan three meals

There is an indicator that is easier to control. Although sometimes the calories will inevitably exceed the plan, it must not be too ridiculous.

Five, eat less buffet

Eat as little buffet as possible, especially at restaurants that advertise all-you-can-eat. If it is unavoidable, put as many fruits and vegetables as possible on the plate, leaving only a small space for lean meat or skinless chicken and whole grains. Avoid fried foods.

Six, appropriate exercise

1. Lie cross-legged

Exercise parts: buttocks, legs

Lie on your left side with your legs straight, your left elbow and left forearm support the center of gravity, your right knee is bent in front of your left thigh, and your right arm is placed on the bent knee of your right leg, and your left leg is lifted up as much as possible , And then slowly lower the left leg, do 20 leg raises a day, and then repeat the exercise on the other side.

2. Wrap your arms around

Exercise parts: back, arms

Separate your legs slightly wider than your hips, keep your knees soft, keep your hips still, stretch your left arm straight over the top of your head, and move your right arm to the left, tilt forward above your hips parallel to the ground, and then exchange your arms. Do 20 exercises for each arm.

3. One knee forward

Exercise parts: legs, buttocks, back, arms

Kneel your legs on the ground, straighten your arms, keep your back and head level, then slowly raise your left leg, not higher than the height of your hips, do 20 leg raising exercises, and then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

4. Zama Step

Exercise parts: thighs, back

Start with a horse step with the left leg in the front and the back step, keeping the left thigh parallel to the ground, bending the knees, raising the arms and putting your hands on both sides of the shoulders, as shown in the picture, try to maintain this position, resting on the bones of the back. Force your body to move left and right, and then do left and right side body exercises. This is a set of exercises. Do 20 sets a day, and then repeat the exercises by changing legs.

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