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Exercise + diet, no weight loss? This is the root cause!

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1. Aerobics

In addition to doing aerobics outdoors, you can also do it indoors. You can buy some aerobics tutorial DVDs and watch them by yourself while jumping to the music. You can easily consume 315 calories and are better than other aerobic exercises. Get results faster.

Second, kick the shuttlecock

Shuttlecock kicking is also one of the aerobic exercises. At the same time, it is a Healthy weight loss exercise. If you want to lose weight quickly, but don't want to participate in a lot of exercise, then I personally recommend you to use shuttlecock kicking to lose weight. This method is very suitable for white-collar workers who have been working in the office for a long time. They are busy at get off work and can kick the shuttlecock in some time after work. This will not only lose weight, but also strengthen their fitness.

Three, skipping rope

Rope skipping is the most familiar to each of us. Almost everyone has played it. But did you know that the amount of exercise is quite high. If you count it per hour, rope skipping can consume 525 calories. So if you want to lose weight, skipping rope is also a good way.

Four, indoor bicycle

Bicycle can be said to be a very common mode of transportation in our daily life, but as aerobic exercise for Weight loss and fitness, it has also been popular in recent years. The advantage of riding a bicycle is that the level and amplitude of the exercise are relatively large and can be adjusted by yourself. For example, if you ride a bicycle slowly and easily, you can consume 210 calories; if the speed is increased and the intensity is increased, the calorie consumption can reach 420 calories, which can be doubled! Moreover, as a means of transportation, it is super convenient to exercise at any time.

Five, stepper

Aerobic exercise can also be done indoors. The stepper is one of the most popular indoor aerobic fitness exercises. The amount of exercise is not very large, but it can consume 325 calories per hour! If you don't have a stepper at home, using a wooden box or a stack of magazines and stepping up and down will have the same effect, but you must pay attention to safety.

Each exercise time should be controlled within 40-60 minutes.

It is best to weigh your weight before you lose weight. Weigh it every 2 weeks during the weight loss process and observe the changes in your weight. If the weight changes little and there is no sense of fatigue, you can increase the number of exercises and the number of groups appropriately. And take part in some outdoor sports, such as: jogging, climbing, cycling, playing badminton, bell ball, jumping and swimming.

Weight loss exercises can only achieve weight loss if they are persistent. It is impossible to achieve weight loss if you fish for three days and stay on the net for two days. At the same time, weight loss should be based on your own physical fitness, determine the appropriate exercise intensity, at the beginning, the body has a slight sense of fatigue is normal. In addition, you should also control your diet appropriately to get better results. As long as you have perseverance, perseverance, and pay attention to scientific methods in the process of weight loss, you will definitely be able to reduce fat and get a fit body shape. People who have a tendency to gain weight, start sports from now on, don't wait to "catch the Buddha's feet."

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