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Recommend a good exercise for weight loss: squat! Gain muscle and lose weight in one step

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Squat is not difficult for many people, but everyone has ignored it and didn't think it has too much effect. In fact, you are wrong. Squat has a great effect on Weight loss.

Squats can train more muscles

The muscles stimulated by squats include quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteus maximus, adductors, abdominal muscles, and lower back. Strong leg muscles reduce your knee injury rate. It is not difficult for runners who practice squats to find that they have stronger strides and a more stable center of gravity at the start than when they do not practice squats.

Help you burn more fat calories

The more muscles stimulated by squats, the more calories burned. Because they help you burn calories even when you are not exercising. The reason is simple. After each resistance training, muscles need energy to repair and strengthen muscle fibers.

When scientists at the University of Southern Maine used advanced technology to calculate energy expenditure, they found that the calories burned during retraining were 71% higher than originally expected.

You will have better flexibility and stability

As people grow older, their flexibility will decrease by as much as 50%. The squat is a movement that spans the hip and knee joints. Compared with other leg movements, squats can improve your softness, coordination and stability.

Promote body strength

Squats can also promote body strength very well. You know, leg strength + hip strength + waist strength, this is most of the body strength.

How to do squats correctly

1. Separate your feet slightly wider than shoulders

2. Squat down to keep your back straight

3. Squat your thighs parallel to the ground

4. Do not exceed your knees over your toes

5. The direction of the knee bend towards the toe

6. Keep breathing even during the process

Squat combined with what exercise to lose weight

1. Aerobic training with squats to lose weight

[Beginner level] Zheng Duoyan does not need big moves, and is more comprehensive, 35 minutes in one session, if you need to lose fat, please practice the red hat aerobics episode.

[Advanced] Insanity fat loss exercise: Insanity is a typical hiit high-intensity interval training, as long as you insist on a cycle (63 days), the circumference will fall down absolutely. The first month of insanity is to lay the foundation for the second month of intensive practice, so if you insist on it for a month, you must continue with the second month of practice, because the effect is only significant in the second month!

2. Anaerobic exercise combined with squats to lose weight

Squats, sit-ups, abdominal crunches, planks, etc. are all anaerobic exercises that require little space. Girls can adjust the exercises according to their own conditions.

Anaerobic exercise is to keep the flesh of your body from losing weight, and to help you tighten your body circumference. Compared with aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise can increase muscle mass, which can better improve your body's basal metabolic rate! Anaerobic exercise is essential for shaping women's body lines!

Exercise is a part of squat to lose weight, but it is not the most important part. If you want to do squats to see the effect of Weight loss, you must solve the problem from the source (light calorie diet).

3. Diet control combined with squats to lose weight

The first step to healthy fat loss is diet control. Turn your diet record into your habit, and your efforts will get twice the result with half the effort! Eat as little as possible or quit carbonated drinks and snacks.

Healthy weight loss

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