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How to measure whether weight loss is effective? How to do strength training

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Many people who lose weight neglect strength training and think it has no effect, but everyone is wrong. Strength exercises are especially helpful for Weight loss.

The scientific way to lose weight is to perform strength training first and then aerobic exercise

1. Perform relevant strength training first, consume part of glycogen, and then perform aerobic exercise to increase the speed of fat metabolism! When you start aerobic exercise, fat can be mobilized soon, and the efficiency of burning fat is improved.

2. Accelerate lactic acid metabolism, which is beneficial to reduce exercise fatigue and accelerate body recovery. Strength training produces a lot of lactic acid due to glycolysis. The accumulation of lactic acid not only affects the exercise capacity but also delays the recovery of the body after exercise, and strength training After aerobic exercise, lactic acid can be brought into the tricarboxylic acid cycle through pyruvic acid to completely oxidize, avoiding the accumulation of lactic acid.

3. Strength training can promote the increase in the secretion of adrenal hormones, norepinephrine and other catecholamine hormones and growth hormone and other lipolytic hormones, which is conducive to the mobilization and decomposition of fat.

4. Strength training can also increase muscle repair and synthesis. The more lean tissue in the body, the higher the basal metabolic rate. The more energy consumed, the more beneficial it is to increase fat burning.

How to do strength training

Reasonable range of times for each group

Since the main purpose is to lose fat while maintaining the hard-won muscles, you should use a medium or medium-high repetition range for each group in your strength training, that is, the upper body muscle group does 10-12 reps per group, lower body Do 12-20 reps for each group of muscles. Because a higher number of repetitions will force the body to consume more calories, and promote the production of lactic acid (lactic acid can promote the secretion of growth hormone), and better improve the level of metabolism. More importantly, this range of repetitions per set can also promote muscle growth well at the same time.

Reasonable training plan

When the main goal of strength training is to increase muscle mass, we usually use the regular training mode, resting for about 2 minutes between the two groups. But when the main goal is to reduce fat and to characterize muscle lines, it is necessary to adopt super group training rules, circuit training rules, and speed up the training rhythm and shorten the rest time between groups.

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