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As long as you exercise, you will burn fat! How many days a week exercise is the best to lose weight

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There are a lot of emphasis on exercise to lose weight, how to achieve the best effect through exercise, take a look at the editor's advice.

Any exercise, as long as it doesn't hurt you, is worth doing and will be effective.

The exercise mentioned here does not only refer to the gym, it can be any physical activity. To lose weight, you need to create a negative balance of calories, which is what we call a calorie deficit, which means that you need to burn more calories than you eat. .

Any physical activity, any physical activity you are not familiar with, and exercise that is not the same as what you usually do.

If you are an office worker, you can finish your meal when you go home, and then watch TV on the sofa until late at night. For you, take a walk for an hour after you get home, or do housework, ride a bicycle, etc. This is different from your previous exercise. Now, just make sure you eat the same calories as before, and you will lose weight. It’s just a matter of time.

So, what you need to consider is when you start, and then worry about what type of exercise is the best! No matter in what way, you will naturally benefit from it, no matter what. You don't really need to think too much at the beginning, just act right.

For beginners, training 3 days a week can have the greatest training effect.

Generally speaking, the training focus for beginners is on large muscle groups, such as hips, legs, shoulders and chest. These parts are not only the most critical factors that determine whether one's appearance looks handsome or not beautiful. And the fat burning ability of large muscle groups is also the strongest. Think about it, you squat 50 times, exerting force on your hips and legs. It must be much more fat than when you hold the pen holder for 1 hour, and you burn more fat when your fingers are tired...

It is more appropriate to have one to three days between each training session. For example, training hips on Monday, chest training on Wednesdays, and back training on Saturdays.

For advanced trainers, it is necessary to appropriately increase the training frequency and conduct more targeted training. For example, practice 4-5 a week.

Exercise warm-up and relaxation

Before and after each aerobic training, there must be two stages of warm-up and relaxation: these two stages can make your fitness safer and more effective.

  1. Warm up (that is, warm-up activity)

Warming up generally refers to the use of low-intensity aerobic fitness to make your body better gradually. Body temperature rises slowly, heart rate rises, and breathing becomes faster. The blood circulation is also faster, so that oxygen and nutrients will be transported to the heart and muscles to prepare you for exercise. An important sign of the warm-up activity is that the body begins to sweat slightly. The warm-up time is 5~10 minutes. When it's cold, warm up for a longer time and wear more clothes.

In order to save time, many people go directly to high-intensity aerobic training without warming up. If this is the case, since the cardiovascular system and lungs have not yet entered the state, the body temperature is relatively low, and the muscle flexibility is not good. It is easy to cause damage. In addition, you will feel better if you exercise after warming up, and the exercise time can be longer. In other words, if you exercise without warming up, you are more prone to fatigue.

2. Relax

Relaxation has the same effect as warming up. During exercise, blood circulation is accelerated, and the amount of blood also increases, especially in the limbs. If you stop exercising immediately, blood will accumulate in the lower limbs and cause excess burden to the heart. In severe cases, the blood supply to the brain may be affected, and even dizziness and dizziness may occur. Therefore, after the purpose of exercise is achieved, there should be 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation, that is, gradually reduce the exercise intensity, and slowly return to a quiet state.

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