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How to lose 10 pounds a month by exercise? Apart from spending time

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Exercise is the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight. Some people lose weight, but some people don’t. What is going on?

Why don't you lose weight when you exercise?

1. Can't persevere

It is difficult to keep exercising every day. How many people lose weight because they are very active at the beginning, practice vigorously, and then feel very tired after a week or two, and then stop, and how many people have applied for a fitness card but stopped going there a few times Up.

If you don’t give your body enough rest time, the accumulated fatigue will sooner or later stop you from exercising, and once the inertia of this exercise is broken, for people who just started to lose fat, it may mean that it is difficult for them to continue. Exercise regularly.

2. Exercise time should not be too long

Exercise Weight loss not only does not need to exercise every day, but also when exercising to lose weight, the time should not be too long each time, more than half an hour will do. Especially people who do not exercise for a long time should not exercise suddenly, because occasional exercise with a large amount of exercise can very hurt their body organs. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise to lose weight step by step, and stick to it.

3. It is important to control your diet.

Consuming energy after each exercise will make people feel hungry after exercise. At this time, if you fail to restrain and eat a lot, all your efforts will be wasted, so you must restrain yourself. If you really want to eat something, you can eat some fruits or vegetables appropriately. Do not touch high-calorie and high-fat foods.

4. No plan, do whatever you want

Many people decide to exercise according to their mood. If they feel good, they will go to exercise. If they are not good, they will go online at home. Today they will run and run. Tomorrow they will do yoga if they say that yoga is good. The effect of Weight loss exercises is good. Just do weight loss exercises, there is no plan. Although it is better to exercise than no exercise, the training effect of weight loss and shaping cannot be achieved at all.

Don't follow the online fitness, because it may not be suitable for you, it is best to find a suitable exercise for you. You must determine your goals, exercise content and time, and stick to it strictly according to your plan. Don't give up halfway. You will definitely get different results.

5. Long-term single exercise, insufficient exercise

If you use a single exercise method for a long time with the same amount of exercise, your body will adapt to this exercise method, and your fat burning effect will become lower and lower.

So after adapting to this kind of exercise, try to change to other exercises regularly. Let the body re-accept the new exercise to achieve better fat burning effect.

You would say that I exercise for two or three hours at a time, but the amount of exercise is still not enough? In fact, long time does not mean high intensity, on the contrary, it means that your intensity is not high enough. You can increase the intensity of exercise and reduce the time of exercise. Don't look at the length of time, but look at the quality of the exercise. Maybe your two or three hours of exercise is just someone else's warm-up.

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