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Running blindly will only lose weight and fatter! 4 "hidden rules" you need to know

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To achieve the best Weight loss effect in summer, you need to do the following:

Warm up before running

Unlike winter, it is easy to overlook the warm-up before running in summer. Although the weather is already very hot, warming up before running has nothing to do with the temperature. For any exercise, warming up is a necessary transition from the resting state to the exercise state. If you do not make sufficient preparations before exercise Activities can cause joint ligament strain and muscle strain.

Replenish water in time

Continuous sweating during summer running will cause you to lose more water. If you do not replenish water in time, it will aggravate the body's response to lack of water. Once you run 10 kilometers or more, you should bring water with you to replenish water in time, and don't feel thirsty. Replenish water at a later time, it is too late by then.

Running volume adjustment

At any time, the amount of exercise should be gradually increased from small to large. Sometimes you may feel that there is no end to it, but you should also pay attention to the gradual progress of the amount of exercise. If you are very tired after exercise and still have headaches, dizziness, chest tightness and other discomforts after rest, you should reduce the amount of exercise.

Best time to run in summer

People who use running as a means of physical exercise generally choose to run after getting up in the morning, but the results of scientific research show that running at night is good for health. Because morning running increases the possibility of thrombosis in the blood vessels, it is easy to cause vascular embolism, because at this time the cohesive force of blood increases by 6%. The opposite is true for evening running. The number of platelets is reduced by 20%, which greatly reduces the risk of vascular embolism. In addition, blood pressure and heart rate rise and acceleration are large during morning running, which is prone to overload, which affects exercise effect and health.

At night, the sensitivity and adaptability of physical strength and limb response reached the peak, and the heartbeat frequency was the most stable or low. Exercise-induced rapid heartbeat and blood pressure increased slowly, which is good for health. Running at night can also promote better sleep. As long as the exercise intensity is mastered, running at night will make people sleep better. Slight fatigue is just right to rest. Sports medicine has proven that when you wake up in the morning, the functioning of various organs of the human body is still at a low level. Exercise at this time is more dangerous for people with weaker cardiovascular function.

What to pay attention to when running to lose weight in summer

1. Running on an empty stomach will increase the burden on the heart and liver, causing arrhythmia and other symptoms. In severe cases, it may even lead to sudden death; you can eat a little bit or drink some warm water before running for half an hour or an hour;

2. If you are tired from running, it’s okay to walk for a while, but if you always walk for a while and repeat, it will cause the accumulation of metabolites and make you feel tired more easily;

3. Running exercise is not a competition, so there is no need to run fast. The correct speed is to run at a rhythm that can breathe smoothly, and pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment such as temperature, moderateness, and wind direction to adjust your speed.

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