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Reduce fat and shape, you must talk about it! Quickly drop the scale

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Strength training is a problem that many women ignore in the process of losing weight. They are worried about gaining muscle and give up. What I want to tell you today is that strength training is very important for women in the Weight loss period.

Fat loss = aerobic training + strength training

Strength training refers to the body's repetition of different loads to complete the shaping of muscles and the excavation of strength, endurance, explosive power and other characteristics.

The essence of fat loss is to make your body have a "calorie difference", while increasing your own energy consumption while appropriately reducing your intake, which is commonly known as "shut up and open your legs."

If you want a good fat loss effect, you must have strength training

On the one hand, strength training can improve your basal metabolism (in simple terms, it can make your body consume more energy in daily life, as long as your muscle mass reaches a certain level, you will lose weight without hard dieting); On the one hand, strength training can make the body more "lined" through muscle growth.

This is the charm of strength training. Although aerobic exercise can help you lose weight or quickly "fall off the scale", strength training can allow you to have a firmer body, correct your posture, and optimize your strength mode. Therefore, girls, don't think that only boys need to lift irons and do strength training. If you want symmetrical lines, strength training must be an item that you cannot avoid on the training road; and for friends who want to lose weight, after a lot of strength training, you will be in the next few hours or even days Continue to consume extra calories within the body and increase the level of metabolism.

As your muscle mass increases, your metabolism will increase faster and faster, which will help you burn more calories every day. Generally speaking, for every extra pound of muscle, you can burn 35-50 more calories a day. Even the simplest strength training can affect fat oxidation and energy consumption.

As a good way to relieve stress, the researchers also found that those who regularly perform strength training tend to vent better, thereby relieving stress. Compared with those who do not exercise, they are more resistant to stress.

The benefits of strength training

Strong physique

Studies have shown that moderate-intensity strength training can increase women's muscle strength by 30-50%. The increase in strength will not only make it easier for women to complete some daily tasks (such as bringing children or go shopping, etc.), but also make people full of energy, energetic, and exude vitality from the inside out.

Building muscle helps to lose weight

With the increase of muscles brought by muscle strength training, the body's metabolic rate under static conditions will gradually increase, so you will consume more calories every day. Studies have found that for every pound of muscle gain in the body, 35-50 kilocalories will be consumed daily. For example, if you gain 3 pounds of muscle and consume 40 kilocalories more per pound, you will consume 120 kilocalories more per day, which means that you consume approximately 3,600 kilocalories more per month, which is equivalent to a year’s loss. 10-12 pounds of fat.

Enhance athletic ability

Strength training can enhance the athlete's competitive ability, so no matter what sport you choose, it is best to add strength training, because this exercise method not only improves your exercise level, but also reduces the risk of injury.

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