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Want to lose fat, how much exercise intensity is appropriate? Heart rate is the only indicator

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The heart rate of exercise will affect our Weight loss. It is necessary to grasp the rhythm of the heart rate to a certain extent. Today I will specifically talk about the relationship between heart rate and Weight loss.

In addition to caring about exercise time, exercise state is exercise intensity, and for exercise intensity:

● Very tired, out of breath, sweating profusely-the heart rate is high;

● Relaxed, not tired, simple-the heart rate is low or suitable;

The corresponding tiredness and non-tiredness in exercise are too affected by subjective consciousness, so we use the speed of the heart rate to measure the exercise intensity.

The heart is a human body engine, similar to a car engine, it also has its own maximum speed, commonly known as the maximum heart rate. I understand that the fat burning efficiency changes with the increase in intensity. It is not difficult to find that controlling the intensity at about 60% is the best combination of fat and sugar consumption, that is, both fat and sugar participate the most, commonly known as the precision fat reduction zone.

The percentage of the maximum heart rate corresponds to the different speed of the heart rate. But when accurate to each person, this interval varies from person to person.

Therefore, in other words, some people need to run to achieve the heart rate exercise, while some people only need to walk fast.

But no matter where your optimal fat loss zone is, it means that the low-to-medium-intensity running state will not be too intense, just right, and can last a long time. This is also the characteristic of aerobic jogging-if you run If you don’t move, it’s probably because your heart rate enters the anaerobic zone too early. At this time, blood sugar becomes the main energy source, not fat.

Although the purpose and plan of exercise are different, the following two remain the same:

1. In the order of exercise: do anaerobic first, then aerobic, and finally stretch.

2. Heart rate control

Usually we divide 5 heart rate zones to deal with different training purposes:

Interval 1: 50-60% MHR warm-up and recovery

Light exercise consumes very little energy. Used for dynamic warm-up before running and relaxing activities after running.

Interval 2: 60%-70% MHR fat burning and endurance

In the mild aerobic zone, the body is dominated by fat metabolism. It is suitable for relaxing exercises such as jogging, elliptical machine and aerobics for the purpose of relaxation and recovery.

Zone 3: 70%-80% MHR aerobic exercise zone

In the mid-to-high aerobic range, the glycogen metabolism ratio increases. Effectively exercise aerobic capacity and improve fat utilization. Moderate intensity, suitable for runners with the purpose of fitness and weight loss, most of the training for marathon runners should be in this range.

Interval 4: 80%-90% MHR lactate threshold

Lactic acid threshold range, glycogen metabolism is the main cause, lactic acid accumulation occurs. The intensity is greater. Tempo and marathon pace runs in this range. For training the body to improve lactic acid tolerance, training should not exceed 1.5 hours per week.

Zone 5: 90%-100% MHR anaerobic exercise zone

Close to anaerobic metabolism, almost all energy comes from glycogen decomposition. The heart is very burdened, and the ability to exercise absolute speed is suitable for experienced runners. The duration is about 30 minutes, not more than 1 hour per week.

If you want to judge whether your heart rate matches the intensity of aerobic exercise, you can also judge from your own feelings:

Mild shortness of breath, warm body, and reddish complexion during exercise basically indicate that you exercise moderately; if you have obvious palpitation, shortness of breath, fever of the heart, dizziness, exhaustion, it indicates that the exercise is beyond the limit; Obviously, the degree of "no change in color, heart, no beating" is completely inadequate.

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