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Why do people who lose weight recommend strength training?

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Most people think that running aerobics is used to lose weight, and strength exercises are used to shape. It is no problem to say that, but it is too one-sided. Let me talk about what is going on.

The human body is a whole, not only muscles are not only fat, but also the digestive system, endocrine system, bones, joints, and ligaments. So we need to change the shape of the human body and change the fat body fat rate. This is where the human being as a whole participates in all the chemical changes in the body. It's not just simple practice, there are expected changes.

In terms of exercise, the efficiency of calorie consumption comes from our human body's work per unit time, which is what we call exercise capacity, so fat reduction must first consider improving the body's exercise function! Improve the calorie consumption efficiency of exercise.

When a normal person is jogging, it takes 30 minutes to start to consume body fat. Simply put, the first 30 minutes are the process of adapting to running, which can be said to be a relatively long warm-up. And if you want to lose excess fat in the body, then you must pay attention to the exercise time after 30 minutes.

Although everyone's physique is different, the human body still has certain commonalities. Generally, after 30-40 minutes of exercise, you can start to burn fat. Those who want to lose weight must firmly grasp this point and continue to lengthen the running time. Achieve better Weight loss results. Of course, we must also pay attention to scale, do what we can, and have a gradual process.

Strength training increases the "basal metabolic rate", and the increase in muscle strength and lean mass can increase the "basal metabolic rate". Even if you don't usually exercise, you can silently consume more calories. It is not easy to get fat if you eat more. In other words, it is the body's consumption. The caloric capacity is improved.

After high-intensity anaerobic (weight) training, in order to repair muscles and metabolize lactic acid, the body will continue to be in a state of increased metabolism for a long time, producing calories and fat consumption. This is an effect that cannot be obtained by long-term low-intensity aerobic exercise.

When weight-loss people do strength exercises, they will find that their body shape has changed. After Weight loss exercises, muscles increase, and then the body's muscle-fat ratio changes.

The volume ratio of muscle to fat is 1:3. So when the volume ratio of body muscle and fat changes, the body shape also changes.

Therefore, whether running or strength training, both can lose weight, both are indispensable and complement each other. Fundamentally improving exercise capacity and improving exercise efficiency can achieve true weight loss.

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