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How to do aerobics to lose weight fast? Listen to 7 sentences, it’s easier to lose meat

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Aerobic exercise is the valve of your body's fat bank. It can regulate your calorie balance, improve your fitness level and give you a better looking body.

The reason why aerobic exercise is most conducive to Weight loss

1. Speed ​​up metabolism

Aerobic exercise refers to exercise under aerobic metabolism, long-term exercise (endurance exercise), so that the heart (blood circulatory system) and lungs (respiratory system) can be fully and effectively stimulated, and the heart and lung functions can be improved. All tissues and organs of the body get a good supply of oxygen and nutrients, improve metabolism, accelerate digestion, and consume calories.

2. Sports will increase the body's adrenaline secretion

Under normal circumstances, exercise will increase the body's adrenaline secretion, thereby promoting fat burning: when short-term exercise produces a sense of fatigue, lipase and glucose in the liver and adipose tissue will be activated, muscle glycogen will be decomposed, and adrenal hormone will speed up the heart rate. Accelerate blood circulation, relax the nasal cavity, gastrointestinal vessels, etc., accelerate detoxification, accelerate fat burning and release heat.

3. Aerobic exercise can increase "good" cholesterol in the body

Regular aerobic exercise can increase the body's "good" cholesterol-high-density lipoprotein content. The high-density lipoprotein in the human body can transport blood lipids in the blood vessels to the liver for processing, commonly known as "good" cholesterol. Researchers have found that people who engage in aerobic exercise have an average increase of 2.53 milligrams of high-density lipoprotein per 0.1 liter of blood; the minimum amount of exercise that can change the amount of high-density lipoprotein is 2 hours a week, or the equivalent of 900 The amount of calorie exercise; for fatter people, the effect of aerobic exercise to increase their "good" cholesterol is particularly obvious.

The best time to lose fat

Do you know when to do aerobic training to achieve the best fat burning effect? There are two periods of the day that are the best time for you to do aerobic exercise-in the morning and after weight training.

In the morning, your body is in a state of fat-burning energy supply due to overnight consumption. Aerobic training at this time of the day can help regulate your body’s all-day rhythm (the internal clock). It can help you sleep better, recover better, relieve stress, and be in a better state throughout the day. feel good.

And it’s not a good choice to do more systematic other training in the morning. Compared to doing it in the evening, you will find that the overall decline is particularly much, so low-intensity aerobic exercise is better in the morning.

In order to maintain the continuous increase of muscle and the gradual reduction of fat, try to do aerobic training program 3 times a week, and make sure that your total aerobic training time does not exceed 2 hours a week.

In order to minimize the boring feeling of aerobic training and burn fat efficiently, add aerobic methods to the aerobic method you choose. The editor likes skipping rope, double shaking (high efficiency), burpee (challenging), boxing , I usually arrange several aerobic methods together and alternate.

to sum up

1. Do at least 3 times a week (increase the number of times according to your personal goals), and do aerobic training for at least 30 minutes (up to 40 minutes) each time.

2. If you feel too boring about a single and continuous aerobic training, then divide it into shorter segments.

3. In the morning or at the end of weight training, this is the best time to do aerobic training.

4. Don't neglect outdoor sports and sports that require the whole body to participate.

5. HIIT can keep your metabolism at a higher rate, but only if you are really strong.

6. Aerobic does not need to be carried out continuously, and the effect will be good if it is divided into time periods or different exercise methods.

7. Diet is the most critical factor in fat loss!

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