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What are the requirements for walking to become thinner? 3 things you must know

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Walking is also a kind of exercise. As long as you exercise, it is helpful to lose weight. So how can you lose weight by walking?

How long does it take to lose weight

If we just walk normally, we will not lose weight. If we want to achieve a certain Weight loss effect, we must have a medium-to-fast pace (1000 steps or more in 10 minutes), and the duration must exceed 45 minutes each time. , In order to achieve the effect of Weight loss.

What do you need to prepare for walking to lose weight

Wear comfortable sneakers

Female friends must not wear high-heeled shoes, slippers or sandals, they can wait until they go to work.

Don't wear oversized jewelry

If a female friend wears jewelry that is too large or has pendants, it is easy to shake around during walking, which is very inconvenient.

It is recommended to bring a small bottle of water

Especially when the weather is hot, you can add water in time.

Increase the weight appropriately

You can go lightly, or you can move forward with heavy loads.

The correct walking posture:

1. When walking, the heel should touch the ground first to avoid the center of gravity falling on the calf and avoid edema.

2. When striding, the heel touches the ground first, the center of gravity is completely shifted to the front foot, and the other foot is lifted, which is less prone to edema.

3. When going up the stairs, depending on the height of the stairs, you can cross two steps at a time, which can tighten the hip and leg muscles.

4. When stepping up the stairs, the heel should touch the ground first, which can prevent the center of gravity from falling only on the calf and causing carrot legs.

Healthy weight loss

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