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What is the weight loss effect of pull-ups? effective! Learn 3 variants

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Although pull-ups are difficult, the Weight loss effect is obvious. Pull-ups are very good for training the core strength of the body, especially the best choice for upper body strength.

Pull-ups can be divided into: forehand, backhand, forehand and backhand, parallel, chest, back of the neck, weight, towel, one-handed, one-arm, one-finger and other types of pull-ups.

A good way to lose weight is to do pull-ups correctly. The specific methods are given below.

1. Forehand pull-ups.

The palm is facing the front of the body. The biceps are exerting less force and the back is exerting more force. It's more difficult. Mainly exercise the back muscles.

2. Backhand pull-ups.

Face your palms. Biceps exert more force. The difficulty is less. Mainly exercise the biceps and back muscles.

3. Other pull-up changes include: palms facing each other, thumb and four fingers on one side, towel pull-ups, thick bar pull-ups, positive and negative grip pull-ups, horizontal pull-ups, swing pull-ups Wait.

How often do you exercise?

1. When your abilities are very high, don't be overwhelmed. It is recommended to do 10 X2 group exercises twice a week, but at least 24-36 hours of rest in between.

2. As with all strength training, put the time of rest before the time of possible danger.

3. Obviously, the fat on your belly may be an obstacle to your pull-ups. The fatter you are, the harder it is to lose weight. So if you still want to see the results of your pull-ups, eat less. Not only that, but usually do more aerobic exercise.

When you do the last few sets of pull-up exercises, when you can’t even get up to 5, ask your family or friends to support your ankle joint and help you reach 10, which can make your muscles get the most efficient exercise. , And can enhance your self-confidence. It should be noted that the supporter is just holding it, don't push it up for you.

If you already have 5 or so foundations, it is not a problem to increase to 10 in a short time, because the skill of pull-ups is more important than the strength. First of all, you must have confidence in yourself, and secondly, you must be willing to practice steadily. Of course, it is important to find the tricks and get twice the result with half the effort!

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