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The fat-reducing exercise is super effective! As long as you persist, you can lose weight

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If you want to lose weight, it’s normal to sweat and suffer a little bit. It’s a little bit if you can burn more calories! It must look at the following sports.

Bobby Jump

30 minutes fat burning 298 kcal

Known as the "world-recognized fat killer"-Poppy, many people who want to lose weight have experienced the sourness of being Poppy.

Maintain a standing position, slightly open your feet, bend your knees slightly, squat, support your hands on the ground, and jump back with your feet to make your body present a ground-supporting position. Do a push-up, retract your legs after completing the push-up, and jump up.

Rowing machine

Consumes 316 kcal in 30 minutes

Rowing has to rely on your feet, use instant explosive force to push and kick, to facilitate the lower body to drive, and cooperate with the upper body stability, back clamp, and finally use both hands to pull the bar; when the hands return to the front of the body, the feet will push back again Original location.

rope skipping

30 minutes of exercise to burn fat 372 kcal

Rope skipping is a fat-burning killer in family training and the best equipment for training cardiopulmonary function. Rope skipping is also indispensable in the daily training of boxing and fighting athletes. When I was a child, I felt real and simple when playing this sport. Now it is basically difficult for us to skip rope continuously for more than 10 minutes!


Fat burning 400 calories for 30 minutes of exercise

Swimming is the best exercise to lose weight, because it uses almost all the muscles of the body. In addition, swimming can also produce positive psychological emotions, because it is a pleasant activity. No longer feel the burden of the body in the water, it plays a comfortable role. More importantly, swimming is beneficial to the health of the heart and lungs.


500 calories burn fat for 30 minutes of exercise

According to the speed at which you step on the bicycle pedal, how much calories can be consumed in your body, and it is also a very pleasant outdoor activity.


30 minutes of exercise to burn fat 378 kcal

Of course, the most common and simple jogging exercise is also super fat burning. If you can persist and endure this relatively unchanging running exercise, for a 70 kg man, 30 minutes of jogging can burn 378 kcal , The faster you run, the more you can consume!

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