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A cheat meal a week, do you really need it to lose weight?

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As the saying goes, if you don’t lose weight in March, you will be sad in April, and passers-by will thunder in May. As the temperature rises, the summer season for beauty lovers to show off their bodies is coming soon. Many friends hold Buddha's feet temporarily and lose one catty to one catty. Many people start desperately to lose weight, take a weight-loss meal, and have no taste or taste all day long, and sigh every day why they are living in the world.

I can't help feeling, if I can have a good meal, it would be great. The legendary deceptive meal came into being. It is circulated on the Internet that a cheat meal a week will not only prevent people from gaining weight, but also help to lose weight. Is cheating meal really that amazing? Let's find out together.

Cheating meal, eat well, reduce well?

In the beginning, the concept of cheating meals spread in the fitness circle and gradually became known to people who lose weight. Cheating meal refers to people who insist on exercise and diet control. They usually choose a small amount of indulgent diet with a frequency of once a week or half a month.

Many netizens said that a long-term low-calorie, low-fat diet will reduce body fat rate, resulting in a decrease in the level of leptin secreted by adipose tissue, and eating cheat meals can stabilize leptin and even increase leptin levels.

In addition, they also believe that after strict dietary control, due to long-term insufficient calorie intake, the body's basal metabolism declines. Cheating meals can make the body believe that there is no insufficient calorie intake, maintain the original basal metabolism, and indirectly improve the efficiency of Weight loss.

At first glance, eating cheat meals is really a good thing. Not only does it give hope to Weight loss, but it can also help weight loss, so why not do it? Stop and stop, cheating meals is not scientific.

Cheat meal, can't deceive your body

Cheating meals helps to lose weight. There are two so-called principles: first, stabilize the level of leptin and help lose weight; second, cheat the body and maintain the body's basic metabolism.

The relationship between leptin and obesity is unclear

Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells. When the body fat increases, the fat cells secrete more leptin, which acts on the hypothalamus, binds to its receptors, produces a satiety response, reduces appetite, reduces energy intake, and promotes energy consumption.

If leptin wants to affect the balance of the diet, it needs to bind to the corresponding cell receptors to complete it. At present, the clinical use of leptin to lose weight is very limited. In addition, whether there is a relative lack of leptin in overweight and obese people remains to be studied.

It is difficult to maintain the metabolic level

After a period of weight loss, many people will find that the weight loss is getting slower and slower. One of the reasons is the decline in basal metabolism. Song Qing, a professor of chemistry and bioengineering at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, said that even if the diet is well controlled during the weight loss process, the basal metabolism will inevitably decrease.

The main factors affecting the basal metabolic rate of obese people are lean body mass and body surface area. If you continue to lose weight for a period of time, the body surface area will decrease, the lean body mass will not increase, and the basal metabolism will inevitably decrease. Eating cheat meals to stabilize metabolic levels is hard to work.

Seeing this, everyone should know whether to eat cheating meals.

Think about it carefully. In recent years, many new concepts or new methods of weight loss have been circulating on the Internet, such as cheating meals, negative energy diets, weight loss coffee, rubber band weight loss methods, plastic wrap weight loss methods, and so on. Every time they appear, people flock to them, and most of them are rumors.

Why do people believe rumors so easily?

Last year, a review article in the Annual Review of Psychology called "Judging the Truth" gave the answer. Generally speaking, people rely on three inference methods to judge the authenticity of information: basic ratio, feeling, and memory consistency.

First, the basic ratio. Most of the information seen in life is true, and most people see information that they don’t understand or don’t understand, and they think it’s true. For example, a novel concept of negative energy diet. In fact, there is no negative energy diet.

Second, feel. People are more likely to believe in recurring things. Most people use cognitive shortcuts to avoid deep thinking. For example: Enzymes are all the rage to lose weight. After that, it was proved that enzymes are protein, most of which are broken down into amino acids and lose their activity after oral administration, and have almost no effect on weight loss.

Third, memory consistency. Most people will accept views that are consistent with their memory. For example: eating less meat can help lose weight. In fact, a balanced diet and a reasonable combination can help you lose weight.

The combination of the above three points makes it easy for everyone to believe the rumors. Facing new things, keep thinking independently, don't make judgments easily, and don't be confused by rumors.

I hope we can all maintain the ability to think independently and become what we want.

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