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Running like this for a week has the best fat loss effect

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Running is a very good aerobic exercise, and it will not be restricted by time and place. Many people can achieve the goal of losing weight by running. So how to quickly achieve the goal of losing weight by running?

Maximum fat supply

No matter what kind of fat loss exercise, it is basically to improve the energy supply efficiency of fat during exercise. Simply put, it is to maximize the energy supply of fat.

Among the three exercise modes of high-intensity, medium-intensity, and low-intensity, the proportion of fat energy supply during moderate-intensity exercise is about 80%. Therefore, maintaining moderate-intensity exercise can make the energy supply efficiency of fat during exercise the highest.

Running needs to be done step by step

Running needs to be done step by step. Many people like to reluctantly run 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers at the beginning, and even if they feel unwell, they still refuse to stop. If you are a runner, if you want to complete a 5km run, you can try to start with a brisk walk, then alternate between brisk walking 2km and running 3km, and then jog 5km at the end. This will allow your body to gradually adapt to the intensity of the exercise without causing injury to you.

Increase height exercise

There is no need to say this: compared to running on a flat road, you must use more strength to run on a slope. If you don't find a suitable slope for running around, then you can delegate this task to the treadmill. On the treadmill, the incline of each grade can help you burn 10% of your calories. You have to remember that everything is difficult at the beginning, and don't think about climbing the peak from the beginning. You have to choose a more comfortable track to start running, or set an inclination angle of 4% on the treadmill, and then run hard for 30 seconds, then return to the jogging speed, wait until the breathing and heart rate return to normal, and then change the inclination angle To become 4%, repeat the above steps. After repeating four sets, you can try the 4% tilt angle.

Morning and evening are the best time to run

The morning air is the freshest time of the day. Go outside for a run and get a full body, while breathing while bathing in the warm sun. At this time, the ultraviolet rays are not very strong, which can help you accelerate your metabolism and make your body enter a state of fat burning ahead of time. It is also good to run in the evening before eating. The temperature is not high, and it is easy to start running. It also helps indirectly in controlling appetite.

Stretch the calf after running

Stretching after exercise is a crucial point for calf shaping. Here is a trick. The lazy mms can completely give up the traditional press with their legs up. A more convenient way is to stand an arm’s width away from the wall, and then support the wall with your hands. The body is in line with the wall. 30 degree angle. Hold for 5 minutes to feel the infinite stretch of the calf muscles, which can be adjusted according to the flexibility of your body.

Go outdoor running more

If you have a treadmill at home, or like to go to the gym to exercise on a treadmill, you can change the way. In fact, it is better to go out for running. Outdoors often encounter external resistance such as wind and uphill, which increases the intensity of exercise to a certain extent, and it is also a way to increase calorie consumption. In addition, outdoor running can breathe fresh air, embrace nature, and relax physically and mentally, which is beneficial to perseverance.

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