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How many catties can you lose by running for a month in the morning? There are three standards

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Many people use the morning time for exercise. Morning jogs are preferred by some people who lose weight. Although morning jogs are good, they must be done in the correct way.

The main reason for ordinary people to run is to burn calories, which is to lose weight. Some experts even believe that running on an empty stomach in the morning burns more calories than other times. This depends on two things: your metabolism starts very early and you run long enough so that you can consume more fat. Second, if you run on an empty stomach, you have to consume the only energy in your stomach. You must know that the empty stomach is where your body stores fat. If you want to make Weight loss more effective, make running the first thing in your day.

How many catties are lost during a morning run

Under the premise of full warm-up, fast energy consumption is almost the same when jogging for 20 minutes. When the stored energy fat starts to be mobilized and ready to burn, if you stop exercising at this time, you will not achieve the goal of fully burning fat.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight by running, you must run for at least 20 minutes, and 40 minutes is the recommended running time. Persevere like this, plus pay attention to your diet and so on, you will see some results in a month, and you will lose about 3 to 5 kg.

The best time for a morning jog

The morning is the time when the concentration of carbon dioxide is the highest and the air dust is the most serious. At this time, going out for morning jogs can easily cause respiratory diseases. Try to choose the time period from 7 to 9 o'clock, when the air quality is slightly better.

Morning jog method

1. Prepare for exercise before running

Preparatory activities must be done before running. This is to make the body gradually transition from a relatively quiet state to a state of moderate muscle tension, and to improve the excitability of the central nervous system and the activity of various organs to meet the needs of running. You can do arm swing, leg swing, bending, turning, squatting and other gymnastics first, especially

Pay attention to moving the hip, knee, and ankle joints. You can start running when your whole body is feverish, your body feels brisk, and your heart rate reaches 85 beats/min or more.

2. Control the rhythm of running

Running requires a certain amount of exercise, and mastering the exercise intensity is the key to fitness running. Heart rate indicators are generally used to measure exercise intensity.

(1) Appropriate exercise intensity. The heart rate per minute is 170-age number. If a runner is 40 years old, the appropriate heart rate for running should be around 130 beats per minute.

(2) The number, time and distance of practice. Adolescents 4 to 5 times a week, 30 to 40 minutes each time, and a distance of about 5000 meters; middle-aged and elderly people 4 times a week, 25 to 30 minutes each time, and a distance of about 3000 meters. Try to run as long as possible to lose weight.


The amount of exercise you run every day is not constant, it can be slightly increased or decreased according to your physical condition. If you practice 4 times a week, the amount of exercise can be adjusted by using large, medium, or small. The increase in exercise volume must strictly follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress and must not be rushed.

3. Do some relaxing exercises after running

After running, you must do tidying up (relaxing) exercises to gradually restore the body's various organs from the state of exercise to a relatively quiet state.

Method: Walk slowly for a certain distance, and then take a few deep breaths, usually for 3 to 5 minutes.

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