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Stick to 6 things to get thinner even while sitting!

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What to do if you don’t have time to exercise, don’t worry, after reading today’s article, I believe you won’t worry about your time anymore.

Burning calories on the way to and from get off work

If you work in the vicinity of your home, you can walk or ride a bicycle to and from get off work. Although it doesn’t look like much, in fact, a lady weighing 60 kilograms, walking briskly for 20 minutes at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour, can consume 67 calories. For the same time at a non-uniform speed, about every 20 kilometers. The speed can consume 144 kcal. If you walk back and forth like this once a day, 5 times a week, together you can burn 600-1400 calories.


When sitting and working, do not lean your back against the back of the chair. Stretch out when you are tired and press your legs forward. Sit with your legs bend your knees, hold your thighs with your hands and lift them up, putting pressure on your abdominal muscles. Doing some Weight loss actions during work can consume and accumulate in time. If you persist every day, you will not gain weight.

Maintain a standard standing and sitting posture

People's standing and sitting posture are essential for shaping a slim figure. The standard standing posture is to let your legs come together naturally, keep your upper body straight, with your head upright, and your shoulders should be relaxed accordingly, so that your arms are naturally vertical. When walking, pay attention to tightening the abdominal muscles.

In addition, when sitting, it is best to sit only two-thirds of the chair, and keep the upper body straight and tuck your abdomen, so that the abdominal muscles are constantly tightened to achieve the effect of reducing the belly. The most important thing is that you should never sway your legs or let your legs stretch out at will.

No time for snacks

Have a morning meeting with your boss, and then rush across the city to meet customers. When you return to the office, complete all the report documents before the deadline, and then have another meeting with colleagues in your department. You are simply a hardworking worker. Little bee, who would have time to eat so-called snacks? Therefore, a busy schedule can leave you no time to miss the snacks in the lounge.

Eat out less

At noon, if your lunch is settled in the company, then tell you that the dishes in the restaurant outside must be more oily than those cooked at home, which means that it contains more calories and fat. You can consider bringing your own meals from home, or pay attention to whether there are restaurants offering low-fat meals near your work.

Drink more water and eat less calories

Reusable water cups and purified water can be seen everywhere. Pure water certainly means no heat. Choosing pure instead of juice or soft drinks can not only save hundreds of calories, but also make you feel full, so you will eat less.

Healthy weight loss

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