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What are the actions to lose weight in bed before going to bed

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There are some people who want to lose weight but always feel that they don’t have time. They don’t have any free time except sleeping time 24 hours a day to do some exercise to lose weight, especially female friends who have already given birth to children during the day. Go to work, go home at night, take care of the children, wash the clothes and cook for the children, and organize the housework. It feels like a day is over. In fact, you can adjust the time. Doing some exercises before going to bed at night can also lose weight. Lose weight in bed. It's also very effective.

Recommended exercises for Weight loss in bed: first do a warm-up exercise, just as a warm-up before exercise, lie flat and bend your legs back with your knees as the fulcrum, and then roll your body from left to right, and turn your body from left to right. Do this Twenty times, you can effectively exercise to the waist, abdomen and buttocks.

Recommended action for Weight loss on bed 2: Lie flat, put the legs in step one flat, then use your back and legs as support points, raise your buttocks, try to push up, and feel that your chest and legs are in a straight line. This action is fine. It’s best to support for ten seconds. Adjust your breathing and flatten it. Do it again. Do it ten times. This movement can also be exercised to the hand side of the abdomen and thighs.

Recommended action three for weight loss in bed: sit-ups. Many people are familiar with this action. The key to mastering is to feel that the abdomen is always exerting force, and the speed should be slow when doing it. Get up and down slowly to support the abdomen. The intensity of the exercise is more lasting. There are many people who are not good at doing this exercise. One of them is to get up. For such friends, you can do a little less at the beginning, slowly and gradually, and get better and better.

Recommended four exercises for weight loss in bed: This exercise may feel simple but it is very difficult to do. Lie on your back with your buttocks as the pivot. During the whole process, your legs should be straightened. The legs and upper body should start to lift up, which can be about 45 degrees. At this time, I feel that my stomach is shaking. I have to hold it for ten seconds, and then make ten. Also, if you can’t do it at the beginning, you can reduce it, just increase it slowly. This movement can be practiced to the abdomen, legs and buttocks. No matter which item you do, the main reason is persistence. Don't do it day by day, and you don't have to do everything every day. You can choose a few according to your own schedule.

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