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Is it easy to lose weight? I believe that friends who have lost weight will definitely say that it i

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If you eat too much and are too lazy to move, then wait for the meat to grow. Losing weight can only be a dream. It is really not difficult to lose weight, as long as you take a short walk after a meal, you can have a magical Weight loss effect.

Ways to lose weight after a meal

1. Pay attention to speed when walking

First of all, speed is very important. You can choose to walk for 4 kilometers at a speed of 1.5 kilometers in 12 minutes, then walk at a normal speed for 10 minutes to recover, and then walk for 4 kilometers at this speed, and then at a normal speed. Walk for 10 minutes and repeat. You can also maintain a brisk walking posture for 30 to 45 minutes, or walk quickly. The speed is maintained at around 120 to 140 steps per minute.

2. lose weight fast two hours after dinner

Walking can be done anytime and anywhere, but the effect of walking is not always the same. For people who want to lose weight, the best time is two hours after dinner. Because the increase in fat is at its maximum at this time, it is easier to lose fat when walking at this time.

3. Keep the total amount of time unchanged

If time is limited, the concentrated walking of 30 minutes to 1 hour can also be dispersed into various scattered time periods, but the total amount of time should be kept unchanged.

4. The distance walked each time

The best distance for each walk is about 5 to 10 kilometers. You can also gradually reach this level according to your own situation. The faster the speed, the better the effect, but you should do what you can, and you can gradually increase the requirements and speed according to your physical condition. Pay attention to the increase, don't run away. Persistence is the key to gradual progress according to your own situation.

Benefits of walking

Walking will promote blood circulation

When standing, two-thirds of the blood in the body will be lower than the heart. Due to gravity, the blood will stay in the veins, making it difficult to return to the heart. At this time, the "second heart" can be used to improve blood circulation.

The second heart refers to the calf muscles. When walking, the calf muscles contract and the veins are squeezed, sending blood back to the heart from above. Because the action is similar to milking, it is also called "milking action". Some people may find it unbelievable, "When muscles are relaxed, doesn't blood flow back due to gravity?" However, veins have valves that prevent backflow. Therefore, when muscles are relaxed, the valves will close to prevent blood from flowing back. When walking, it can also produce milk expression, so that blood circulation is good.

Walking can burn a lot of fat

Most obese people don't walk often, but walking is one of the easiest ways to overcome obesity. Some people may question: "Can you lose weight by walking?" It would be better to say that exercise easily can burn fat more. The factors that determine weight and weight are simple. It is sufficient to judge whether "calorie intake" and "calorie consumption" are in balance. If the calorie intake exceeds the calorie consumption, the excess part will be converted into fat due to gene saving, resulting in obesity.

On the contrary, if the calorie consumption exceeds the calorie intake, the accumulated fat will be consumed, making the body thinner. In other words, there is no need to reduce food intake, as long as you increase calorie consumption, you can lose weight.

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