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Running 3 kilometers a day, less than a month, the weight becomes double digits

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You can choose to run to lose weight in spring. Running is a good aerobic exercise. So how to achieve the best Weight loss goal through running in spring? Follow the editor to look down.

Is the Weight loss effect of running in spring really good?

Running in the spring can burn fat faster, promote metabolism, and have an obvious weight loss effect, and the feeling of sweating after running can also make people feel physically and mentally comfortable. If you insist on running every day, and cooperate with diet control, the weight loss effect is better, and it is not easy to rebound.

How to choose the time for running in spring?

The temperature between 10 am and 4 pm is relatively high, which is prone to heatstroke, high ultraviolet rays, and sunburn. Long-term sunburn will increase the risk of skin cancer; ozone and pollutants in the air will increase as the temperature rises. It is easy to cause damage to your lungs. The best running time is between 9 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 6 pm! You don’t have time to work, so make good use of it on weekends and holidays!

How long does it take to run for the best results?

Be good at listening to your own body's voice and do what you can!

Run a little slower, which is gentler to the heart. The initial running intensity is calculated by multiplying the quiet pulse number when waking up in the morning by 1.4-1.8 as the proper heart rate during running; the running distance is generally recommended to be 3000-5000 meters, but according to your own situation, don't push hard!

What to pay attention to after running to lose weight

1. It is best not to eat within two hours after running, especially not to eat high-calorie food; if you feel very thirsty, do not drink water or tea, it is best to drink a little sports drink or light salt water, because you sweat a lot after exercise. The salt in the body has been evaporated. Drinking a little salt water will help replenish energy.

2. Don't take a shower or wash your hair immediately after running. At this time, your body temperature is very high. Even if you wash with warm water, you may catch a cold.

3. Don't sit down or lie down to rest immediately after running. You can take a walk home slowly, soak your feet with hot water at night, massage your legs and legs to relax your muscles.

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