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What are the hazards of fast weight loss?

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Fast Weight loss is around us. Many friends are more concerned about their figure, because the current society is that thinness is beautiful. If you are too obese, it will not only affect your external image, but also affect your health and induce many chronic diseases. However, some friends try many extreme methods in order to lose weight quickly. Then, what are the hazards of losing weight quickly?

Many obese friends try to lose weight by hunger, dieting, skipping staple foods or using meal replacements in order to lose weight in order to lose weight. Through this method of Weight loss, although the weight drops rapidly, the loss of fat and water also accelerates, and people also change. Very haggard, in fact, the harm of fast weight loss is not only this, there are many more. Let's introduce the hazards of fast weight loss, friends who are not sure about this can learn about it through the following.

   1. One of the hazards of fast weight loss, malnutrition:

Fast weight loss can lead to a serious lack of nutritional intake, slowing the body’s metabolism, and causing symptoms such as hair loss and dry skin. This is more common in friends who lose weight through diet. Long-term dieting can also cause brain reactions to become sluggish and memory decline. appear.

   2. The second hazard of fast weight loss, loose skin:

If the body fat is lost quickly, the skin will appear sagging. For some friends who lose weight through liposuction, the skin that supports fat in the past will experience sagging and loose hips due to the loss of fat, which will seriously affect the outside In terms of image, if many women like to wear swimsuits for swimming in the summer, this will greatly affect their appearance. Therefore, before considering liposuction to lose weight, they must consider the side effects comprehensively.

   3. The third hazard of fast weight loss, indigestion:

   If you suddenly reduce the amount of protein, or change the diet, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. If it does this for a long time, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort and bring hidden dangers to health. If you want to lose weight healthily, you must adopt a scientific method, step by step, and gradually reduce fat. Only when you lose weight slowly will you have a lasting weight loss effect, and it will not affect your health.

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