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Can I lose weight by climbing stairs? 2 ways to make you thin

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Climbing the stairs is very hard, indeed, but the Weight loss effect of climbing the stairs is very good. If you don't believe it, then look down.

Why climbing stairs can lose weight

Medical experiments have shown that climbing stairs, a common exercise method, has a very obvious effect on Weight loss. For example, the calorie consumed by a person who climbs 1 meter is 1000 kcal/hour, which is equivalent to 5 times that of walking and 1.8 times that of running. , Swimming twice, if you run 2-3 times up and down the stairs of the 6-story building, it is equivalent to jogging 800-1500 meters on the ground.

How to climb the stairs to lose weight most

When climbing stairs, keep your knee joints away from your toes, and don’t squat too deep when you squat, otherwise it will put pressure on the joints. It is also not conducive to exercise to achieve the desired effect.

It’s best to keep climbing stairs for about an hour every day. When you first start practicing, you may feel sore in your legs. This is a normal phenomenon, so don’t give up lightly. If you stick to it for a few more days, the soreness will gradually disappear. , Through long-term persistence, you will find that your legs and hip lines will change.

1. Uniform training method

Climb the stairs for 8 minutes, maintain a speed of 30-40 steps/minute, then rest for 2 minutes, and repeat 4-5 times.

2. Interval training method

Climb the stairs at a slightly harder speed for 5 minutes, then climb the stairs at a constant speed for 3 minutes, and then repeat the climb for 5 minutes at a slightly harder speed. Repeat this several times in a row.

Not everyone is suitable for climbing stairs to lose weight. For those who are younger, lighter, and have high knee stability, climbing stairs is indeed a good exercise, but for elderly people who are overweight or have knee pain, Not suitable for climbing stairs at all.

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