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4 exercises after a meal, powerful brushing, worthy of everyone to follow

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Can I exercise immediately after a meal? Many people do not have time to exercise during the day, so they move their exercise time to night, but is this really good for the body?

1. Can I exercise immediately after a meal?

Exercising immediately after a meal will not only endanger your health, but also affect the effect of Weight loss. After a meal, the body's sympathetic nerves will be suppressed. If you exercise at this time, it will affect the digestive system.

2. How long can I exercise after a meal?

This depends on your exercise intensity. If you are walking, it can be half an hour after a meal. The increase according to the exercise intensity is about half an hour after a meal, 1 hour after a meal, and 2 hours after a meal.

3. What exercise to lose weight after meals

If you want to lose fat, then you can recommend exercising at night, because the night is the time for body fat synthesis. Exercise for about 45 minutes after dinner and stick to 3 meals a week, which can have a good effect on reducing fat. As for You can choose jogging or some fitness exercises according to your physical condition.

Exercise at night will not cause fat to accumulate in the body, and can also help food digestion, but whether it is high-intensity exercise or low-intensity exercise will cause the nervous system to be in a state of excitement, which may affect the quality of sleep, so it can be used after exercise. Sleep again for 1 hour.

4. Exercise method after meal

Walking barefoot

Choose a hurrying cobblestone path, and then walk barefoot on the pebble road. It can be taken as a walk. The time is best to grasp about half an hour. Through foot massage, you can touch acupuncture points that you usually can't touch, and you can adjust every part of the body. function.

Take a walk

Walking is the most comfortable way to exercise, especially now that the weather is cool in summer, you can walk in the community, pull up your close lover, or take your pet out for a walk, but you must help, and you must choose to walk in the meal After half an hour, and the time lasts for more than half an hour to have an effect.

Weight loss exercise

There is no time during the day, so use weight loss exercises after dinner. For example, a comfortable walking weight loss exercise is relatively harder, but the weight loss effect is not as good as walking. There are many weight loss exercise videos on the Internet, you can choose some you like and change one every day, so that even if you dance every day, you won’t feel monotonous.


Jogging after dinner is also a good exercise, which can effectively avoid fat accumulation, but this exercise method is more intense, so you cannot run immediately after meals. At the same time, it should be noted that too vigorous exercise may affect the quality of sleep, so Don't run before going to bed, and don't go to bed immediately after running.

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