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How long does it take to run to consume a kilogram of fat?

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Weight loss is a hot topic for many women, but how to lose weight is the most effective I believe few people can say it out loud. Most people lose weight blindly or follow the trend to lose weight. When others lose weight, they use whatever method they use. Some people also pointed out that running is actually the best and best way to lose weight, but how is running the best way to lose weight?

How long does it take to run a kilogram of fat to be consumed?

Let's take a look at it with the editor.

To ask this question, we must first understand how many calories fat contains. 100g of fat contains 900g of calories, and one kilogram of fat contains 5*2*900=9000 calories.

100g of sugar contains 400 calories, which is less than the same weight of fat calories. Now everyone understands why fat is so difficult to consume. If you eat fat in your stomach, you should also take it with tears. Digested.

How many calories can be burned in one hour of running

The calories burned by running are related to many factors, such as time, intensity of exercise, and body weight. The longer and faster you run, the more calories you burn. In addition, people with a larger weight base consume more calories.

So in this way, fat people consume more calories when running, right? In theory, this is the case, but fat people tend to eat more. So these issues must be taken into consideration.

Are all the calories burned by running come from fat?

If you think that the calories consumed during running come from fat, then you are quite wrong. Whether you are in a quiet or exercising process, the sugar, muscle and fat in the human body are all mixed functions. It’s just that the proportion of participation is different. Generally speaking, sugar functions during the first half an hour of running, and fat functions only after half an hour. Therefore, people usually sleep and say that running for more than half an hour will be effective for this reason. .

How long can you lose a pound of fat by running

According to the weight per kilogram, running can consume about 10 calories. For a 60 kg person, it can consume 600 calories per hour, and only 360 calories of the 600 calories are from fat. Ground, and a pound of fat has 4,500 calories, so if you want to consume a pound of fat, you have to run for 12.5 hours!

Seeing the calculation above, we can see that if you keep running for one hour a day without rest, it will take two weeks to lose a pound of fat. Of course, these are only theoretical calculations. If you are running during the run Eat more, then maybe it will take longer.

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