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Running like this is more effective than taking "diet pills"!

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To change the current life, the best way is to have a strong willpower, and more valuable than willpower is to have a good habit. Haruki Murakami wrote an article "What am I talking about when I run." Haruki Murakami himself is a person with an easy fat physique, the kind of person who can feel a big face after drinking a glass of water, for Maintain a good weight. This running is 35 years, and now the body is also great, eat well.

Although it's almost past the season of showing legs and arms, you really don't want to work hard to show off your strength in the spring of the coming year, to crush those coquettish goods? Don't say that running can't help. If you lose weight, the following 3 skills will be introduced to you by the editor, and you will lose weight if you learn them well.

1. Flexible adjustment of running time

Regarding the time of running, when is the best time to lose weight? It’s better to run in the morning or run at night. Different people have different opinions. Some people are entangled with this problem before they even start running. In fact, you are big It doesn't have to be like that, because it doesn't matter when you run.

If you are accustomed to getting up early, then you should run in the morning. As the saying goes, the best plan for a day is in the morning. Morning running can help you mobilize the organs of the whole body, increase your metabolism level, and increase your metabolism level throughout the day.

If you are not very suitable for getting up early, it is also very convenient to run at night after get off work. The air quality at this time is also better, and it can also help you relieve the pressure of working during the day. Running at night will also make you more relaxed. In the evening, the body's metabolism will be more vigorous, which is helpful for burning fat and improving sleep quality.

2. Warm up is indispensable

Warming up is not a tasteless one, nor is it dispensable with the embellishments on the cake. The warm-up for running money and the stretching after running are both indispensable in sports. Whether you warm up enough before running or not will directly affect your fat loss efficiency. For people who have not warmed up, you may have to run for half an hour to reach the point where others warm up. People can lose weight by running for half an hour, but you It took an hour to run to lose weight, and I lost at the starting line from the beginning. In addition, a sufficient warm-up can help you avoid sports injuries.

Stretching after exercise can help you stretch the muscles that were contracted during running to their original length. Many people do stretching before exercise. This is also wrong. You should do it after exercise. What you need to do before running is to wake up your body.

3. Occasionally give yourself a dessert

Losing weight is not easy, so when you have some results, remember to give yourself a reward, such as running 5 kilometers today, then reward you can eat one more fruit at night, or play an extra game; wait until your weight If you drop 5 pounds, buy yourself a beautiful dress, etc. This can also add some unexpected fun to your boring Weight loss life!

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