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Can I really lose weight if I insist on running at night?

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Running at night can definitely lose weight, as long as you grasp the running method, stick to it, and ensure that you can definitely lose weight.

First, the little thin sister first talk about why running at night can lose weight?

Some young ladies use running exercises immediately after get off work, and then go home to eat and sleep after running. In fact, this kind of Weight loss effect is not very good. We should choose to run for 2 hours after eating, because this can consume the energy of eating at night. What needs to be reminded is not to exercise as soon as you have a full meal. Many celebrities run late at night to lose weight, because They are also consuming their own energy to eat and prevent fat from sticking to their bodies.

And after the end of the night run, it can also resist insomnia, allowing you to sleep well, sleeping particularly sound, and good quality of sleep, which is also very conducive to Weight loss, because it can improve metabolism and promote the excretion of toxins in the body. Combining points is definitely good for preventing obesity.

Core tip: Night running is one of the weight loss exercises for many white-collar workers. You have to go to work during the day and have no time. You can only run at night after get off work, or run before going to bed. In the past few days, 39 Little Sister Surely received worries from some netizens.

Second, the difficulty index of night running is two stars, and you must know the precautions.

In the dark night, whether you are running outdoors or using a treadmill indoors, you must not run very fast, just a little bit faster than usual striding. Persevere for about 60 minutes every day. During these 60 minutes, don't stop, stick to it, stick to it. After running, don't sit down immediately. Stand for ten minutes first, then sit slowly, drink a glass of warm water, and don't go to bed right away.

Finally, running at night, as long as you can stick to it for a long time, the weight loss effect will be obvious. The human body's metabolism is three months per round, and persist for three months. Let's leave a message to Xiao Shou Sister about the effect.

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