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Where is the general thinner when running to lose weight?

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Everyone knows that running is a very effective way to lose weight. Running does not require any equipment, and the requirements for the venue are also very high. You only need to open it up and run, but many people don’t know where running to lose weight is generally thin? The editor specially invited kinesiology experts to everyone today, and they will explain these basic common sense to you.

Where is the general thinner when running to lose weight? The vast majority of obese people have a lot of fat accumulated on their stomachs, and some people are not too fat in other places, that is, they have a lot of fat on their stomachs. It is very ugly to stand up a stomach. It is them who try to reduce the fat on their stomachs. What I want to do most. When you insist on running, the fat on your belly can just sway, and the fat is constantly burning. In addition, the belly is very easy to sweat, and the belly is the first part that can be reduced by running.

In addition to running to lose fat on the belly, the second part that can lose weight is the calf, because the calf is the main stress part when running. As long as you stick to it, the effect of thinning the calf is still very obvious. However, everyone needs to maintain the correct posture when running. If the posture is not correct, not only will it not lose leg fat, but it may also increase the calf muscles, making it even more embarrassing. The correct running posture should be that the sole of the forefoot is on the ground, and never let the sole of the foot touch the ground.

The third part of running to lose weight is the arm. When running, the arm is constantly swinging, so that the fat on the arm will continue to burn and get a lot of exercise, so stick to the arm. It will gradually become thinner, and we will find such a phenomenon that people who often run are very well-proportioned, their body is also great, and the whole person is full of confidence.

Where is the general thinner when running to lose weight? Judging from the introduction of the above article, there are still many parts that can lose weight by running, such as the stomach, calf, and arms, which can still achieve the goal of losing weight. The most important thing is to run to lose weight. It doesn't cost much. Now many cities have fitness tracks. You can run there directly after get off work at night.

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