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Should you do aerobic or anaerobic exercise to lose weight? Wrong choice, fat body!

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If people who are obese in life want to see a very good Weight loss effect, they must combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, but what everyone does not know is whether to do aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise for normal Weight loss? How do the two need to be combined? Such a professional question needs kinematics experts to answer everyone, let’s listen to what they say!

Do you do aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise for weight loss?

Situation 1: If you simply want to lose weight, do aerobic exercise first and then anaerobic exercise.

If you just want to achieve weight loss, of course you should do aerobic exercise first and then anaerobic exercise. The principle that aerobic exercise can achieve weight loss is to consume sugar and fat in the body and convert it into heat energy for yourself. Body use. After aerobic exercise, the fat in the body gradually decreases, and the goal of weight loss is naturally achieved, and everyone’s mentality will become very good. This is a good way to keep fit. Normal aerobic exercises include jogging, cycling, etc. After these aerobic exercises are done, all the fat on the body can be lost, and the weight loss effect of this way can be maintained for a long time.

Situation 2: If you want to gain muscle, do anaerobic exercise first and then aerobic exercise.

Anaerobic exercise, as its name implies, refers to the rather intense exercise performed by the muscles in the state of hypoxia. From this it can be seen that the intensity of anaerobic exercise is very high. Normal people feel very tired after doing anaerobic exercise for a period of time. And after a long period of anaerobic exercise, you will feel very tired. One of the most obvious characteristics of anaerobic exercise is that the intake of oxygen is very low. This type of exercise will produce a lot of lactic acid in the body. Under normal circumstances, the muscles will feel sore after exercise and the breathing will be very rapid.

After the anaerobic exercise is over, you can do some aerobic exercise. If you stick to it, you can achieve a good fat loss effect. However, aerobic exercise can not be done more, because aerobic exercise will consume muscle to a certain extent.

Do you do aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise for weight loss? The above article mainly analyzes two situations for you. It can be seen that if you want to lose weight simply, then do aerobic exercise first and then do anaerobic exercise. If you want to increase muscle while losing weight, you need to first Do anaerobic exercise and then do aerobic exercise, so different requirements are different.

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