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How to eat three meals a day for weight loss diet plan? The recipe is here!

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How to formulate healthy and nutritious diet recipes for Weight loss? I'm afraid this has stumped many people who lose weight. First of all, it is necessary to control the calories of weight-loss meals and ensure adequate nutrition. Today, the Slimming School has started. It will teach you three steps to perfectly customize healthy and effective Weight loss recipes. Finally, the intimate editor will send you 4 sets of weight loss menus, and collect them quickly!

Step 1: Set weight loss goals

Weight loss diet plan Before choosing or formulating a weight loss menu, you must first determine whether you need to lose weight, what is the goal of weight loss, and the weight after weight loss should be within the normal body weight. This is a formula to follow: Use Weight (kg) ÷ height (m) squared, the index obtained is between 18.5-23.9, which is normal. Take a 1.6-meter-high person as an example, his (her) normal weight should be between 48-61 kg. Set weight loss goals.

Step 2: Control the total intake

No matter what kind of menu is set, you should remember that 800 kilocalories is the lower limit of a person's daily energy intake. If the total amount of food calories consumed in a day does not exceed this number, it will be dangerous.

800 kcal is the lower limit required by the human body, and the calorie intake in a day for safe weight loss should be slightly higher than this bottom line: Generally speaking, women should consume 1000-1500 kcal a day, and men should consume 1500-1800 kcal.

Step 3: Calculate the proportion of food consumed

The choice of food collocation should also be particulary. In the daily intake of calories, there should be three parts: protein, carbohydrates and fat, and the correct ratio of these three parts should be: protein should be 30%-35% of total calories, and carbohydrates should be 50% of total calories. %-60%, fat should be 10%-15% of total calories.

Recommend 4 weight loss recipes

Weight loss recipe one

1. For breakfast, a boiled egg, a glass of milk, half an apple or some potato + ham + salad dressing.

2. Chinese food: a bowl of rice + vegetables.

3. Dinner is eaten at seven o'clock, which is similar to Chinese food, but only seven to eight minutes full is enough. After nine o'clock, you can't eat anything, except for fruits.

4. Drink a glass of fruit juice before going to bed (you can squeeze lemon juice + water + two sour plums) and remember not to add sugar.

5. With fitness exercise

Recommended reason: The amount of this set meal is moderate, suitable for some MMs with relatively weak systems, and this diet meal is also relatively nutritious.

Weight loss recipe two

1. After getting up: two glasses of water. 2. Breakfast: 200cc of vegetable juice.

3. Chinese food: 500 grams of yogurt.

4. Dinner: 200cc of vegetable juice.

5. Before going to bed: 1-2 glasses of water.

Recommended reason: Yogurt helps digestion and prevents constipation, helps beneficial bacteria inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, thereby improving the proportion of intestinal flora and promoting normal gastrointestinal motility. This package is suitable for MMs who want to lose weight quickly and want to see the weight loss effect in the short term. Due to the small amount of meals, this package cannot be eaten for a long time, which can easily lead to malnutrition. MMs should care about their health while losing weight. Oh.

Weight loss recipe three

1. Breakfast: a bottle of milk (or coffee without sugar) + a boiled egg (or tea egg).

2. Apples: Starting from 12:00 noon, eat one apple every 2 hours until 8:00 pm, a total of five apples. It is enough to eat one day without eating apples after eating.

Recommended reason: Apple diet meal has always been the first choice for MM to lose weight. Apple is both weight loss and beauty. The slimming effect of this weight loss package is also obvious

1. Morning: a piece of roasted whole-wheat toast, a hard-boiled egg, a cup of skimmed milk, and a cup of tea.

2. Medium: a cup of skimmed milk, boiled tuna (equivalent chicken breast), boiled vegetables, a fruit (guava or apple, tomato), and a cup of tea.

3. Late: The dinner menu is prepared by yourself, but starch and meat are forbidden.

Reason for recommendation: This weight loss package is usually implemented in 5 days to lose 6 kilograms, but you must drink at least 2500-3000cc of water every day. The most attractive point of this package is: you can drink Coke when you lose weight. Many MM love to drink drinks, but drinks There are a lot of calories in it, and beverages are a taboo for dieters. But you don’t have to worry about eating this set of weight-loss meals, and you can still achieve the ideal weight-loss effect. MMs should try it quickly.

Weight loss recipe four

1. Day 1: Drink only honey (you can make tea).

2. The second and third days: normal diet (but not eating and drinking).

3. Day 4: Drink only honey.

4. The fifth and sixth days: normal diet.

Recommended reason: honey also has the effect of detoxification and beauty. Many MMs have constipation when they lose weight. MMs who have such conditions can choose this package to lose weight. Usually you can lose 3-4 kg in a week. If you really can’t stand a diet, you can choose one meal a day and only drink honey. This package is only suitable for short-term weight loss people, not long-term consumption.

Healthy weight loss

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