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The calories of food eaten every day, how long does it take to exercise before it can be consumed

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As long as the food contains calories, some are high and some are low, people who lose weight will account for these, so how much exercise can be consumed for some foods.

Calorie difference = expenditure (basic metabolism * activity coefficient + exercise consumption)-food intake

Ingestion is what you eat. The total calories are actually easy to calculate. Some people always ask why some people don’t get fat when they eat too much. The reason is nothing more than high metabolism and non-absorption. I believe that everyone does not want to have poor gastrointestinal function. Right, so while controlling calorie intake, we still have to start with increasing expenditures.

How to calculate your own expenses?

First write a hypothesis, female, 25 years old, 1.65m tall and 55kg weight

There are many formulas for basal metabolism, and each formula is different. Let’s simplify it first. It does not consider body fat activity and age, and only calculates by weight

Basal metabolism = weight (kg) * 24 = 55 * 24 = 1320 Kcal

It was written that the consumption of digested food is not considered, but physical activity is directly viewed. First introduce a concept, metabolic equivalent, and calculate all expenditures based on this.

MET (metabolic equivalent): Kcal consumed per kilogram of body weight per hour (use this coefficient to multiply the basal metabolism to get the total daily metabolism)

▼When you eat a McDonald’s double beef burger, it consumes 437 kcal

But you need...

Sit-ups 2,185 pcs

Or jog 6.4 kilometers

Or stand up 437 times

Or roll the sheets 104 minutes

▼When you eat 12 chicken wings, it consumes 1152 kcal

But you need...

5760 sit-ups

Or jog 11.5 kilometers

Or stand up 1152 times

Or roll the sheets for 274 minutes

▼When you drink a glass of one liter of Coke, it consumes 420 kcal

But you need...

Sit-ups 2,100 pcs

Or jog 6.4 kilometers

Or stand up 420 times

Or roll the sheets for 100 minutes

▼When you drink a 356 kcal chocolate milkshake

You need to spend...

1780 sit-ups

Or jog 5.6 kilometers

Or stand up 356 times

Or roll the sheets for 85 minutes

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