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10 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to 1 hour of jogging!

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Can a rope lose weight? You read that right, skipping rope is recommended by many fitness coaches to lose weight. Doing 5 minutes of 140/min skipping exercise every day is equivalent to jogging for half an hour.

Rope skipping is not only helpful for Weight loss, but also for strengthening muscles, strengthening physical fitness, exercising the respiratory system, cardiopulmonary system, and so on. But it is also necessary to have the correct posture to lose weight by skipping rope, otherwise there will be no effect if you jump.

How to scientifically skip rope to lose weight?

First of all, when skipping rope, the forearm should be at a 45-degree angle with the upper arm while holding the rope, and the forearm should be kept level. Shake the rope with your arms, and do not touch the ground with your heels when jumping to the ground to prevent shock to your legs.

Second, adjusting your breathing is something you need to learn when skipping rope, keeping rhythmic breathing, and your body's balance. When shaking the rope, use your wrist to make a jump.

Third, rope skipping is also an exercise that needs to be persisted. If you insist on regular exercise every day, with scientific diet meals, Weight loss will have an effect.

In fact, skipping rope is not just standing in one position and jumping continuously. There are many fancy ways to make exercise less boring, and the fat burning effect is better.

Various fancy ways of skipping rope:

1. Jump rope and run

Jumping rope running is not running while jumping, but the left and right feet are exchanged for jumping, just like the posture when running. This can exercise the legs, abdomen, buttocks, etc., and the weight loss effect is better. For one minute, repeat the alternate leg exercises 6 times.

2. Jump on one leg

Maintain a running position, raise one leg, and use one leg to jump over the rope in turns. If you can speed up as much as possible after being proficient, the excess fat on your legs can also be quickly reduced.

3. Circling motion on curved ground

Curvedly circling means to skip rope on a zigzag route. Keep your legs close together. Jump first to the left and then to the right. Repeat for one minute.

4. Swing the skipping rope backwards

Swinging the rope backward is actually skipping the rope in the opposite direction. The skipping rope in the opposite direction has a good effect on the exercise of the back muscles and can reduce the excess back fat.

5. Jump rope with open legs

Jumping rope with open legs is actually a jump once with your legs close together, and then once with your legs open. This can exercise the inner thigh muscles and reduce the fat inside the thigh.

Although there are many benefits of skipping to lose weight, you should be careful not to hurt yourself and ensure the effect of exercise when you skip rope. So there are some points to note.

Note for skipping to lose weight:

First, warm up and stretch before and after skipping

Warm-up and stretching will not delay a lot of time, but it can keep the calf muscles from overly swelling, so that the muscles are evenly distributed, so that the legs maintain a beautiful line, so that the phenomenon of exercise radish legs will not appear.

Second, skip rope to lose weight step by step

One minute of skipping rope is equivalent to six minutes of running, so when you first start skipping rope, don't be anxious, adapt to your body, and increase your exercise slowly. Do not jump too fast when skipping rope. Don't rest immediately after you stop. You can wait for the rapid blood circulation to slow down before sitting down to rest. And, skipping rope is best not done before or within half an hour after a meal.

Third, do a good job of leg protection

Choose soft, light-weight sports high-top shoes to avoid ankle injuries. When landing, use the soles of the feet to reduce the cushioning force, prevent huge shocks and prevent sprains.

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