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One dumbbell exercises the whole body muscles, 5 exercises can also burn fat efficiently at home

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How to use free or relaxing time to lose fat at home or at work?

Because people are busy at work nowadays, being able to lose fat and keep fit anytime and anywhere has become a common pursuit for everyone.

The dumbbell training method introduced below is suitable for everyone, whether you are a boy or a girl, an adult or a child, you may wish to try it. First, start with a light weight dumbbell.

1. Dumbbell leaning over and rowing

Fat reduction starts with back training. There is no doubt that back training can effectively lose back fat, and it can also create a good-looking and attractive body shape that looks three-dimensional and stylish behind the back. Train your back broadly and thickly, which can also play a protective role.

Such an effective action is called dumbbell leaning and rowing. As the name suggests, the action is similar to the rowing posture, but the premise is to bend over, that is, face the ground, straighten your chest and back, straighten your back, and then hold a dumbbell of the same weight in each hand to ensure that the weight is within an acceptable range. Inside. Each set of 12~15, do 4~6 sets, this is the detailed explanation of the action.

2. Dumbbell bench press

The chest is also a very important part. Whether it is a boy or a girl, having a strong chest can greatly increase the rate of head turning. Especially for obese women, breast fat is more concentrated. If the training method is wrong, it will inevitably lose breast fat.

Then, the breasts will be unsightly. Therefore, training to strengthen the chest muscles is necessary. The dumbbell bench press is to hold the dumbbell, lift it to the chest, and then lie on your back in the fitness chair, maintain a rhythmic breathing, and slowly push up vertically. , And then slowly control it after the peak shrinks. The number of sets is the same as that of back training.

3. Dumbbell weight squat

Leg strength is very important and should be practiced regularly. To do this, hold two dumbbells of the same weight and place them on your sides naturally, relax your hands as much as possible without exerting force, and at first stand straight with your chest and your back and your knees straight.

Sit back slowly while keeping your chest straight and back. Don’t bend your waist or kneel forward when you squat. The whole weight-bearing squat is done in one go. Don’t squat too low until your thighs are parallel to the ground. The degree is fine.

4. Dumbbell sitting press

Once the shoulders are trained, they will look good in clothes. Seated dumbbell press requires us to hold two dumbbells of the same weight, lift the shoulders, and the small arm is perpendicular to the big arm, that is, the elbow joint is at ninety degrees.

Slowly lift up vertically, straighten your arms, and then control the speed to slowly come down, feel the strength of your shoulders with your heart, the dumbbells play the role of weight-bearing.

5. Dumbbell weight-bearing abdominal crunch

The waist has always the most fat, and people often have a headache. Therefore, the abdomen must be practiced, preferably every day.

First hold the dumbbells in front of the chest and fix them, then tighten the abdomen, concentrate on making the abdomen force, and do a curling action to feel the force of the abdominal muscles. Exhale gently when exerting force, and inhale gently when restoring. Repeat the stimulation, not completely relax, and maintain a state of continuous exertion. Do it until exhaustion.

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