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Does calorie-consuming exercise help to lose weight? What exercise is the best for weight loss

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It’s often heard that every fat person is like a stock. As long as you choose the right stock, you will develop in a good direction. It is as good as opening a hang. In fact, losing weight is really a technical job, not trying to lose weight. Success may require a lifetime of hard work to maintain. The easiest way is to exercise more energy and calories, which is currently recognized as the simplest and most effective way to lose weight.

Which exercises can burn calories?

Simply put, as long as you exercise, you can burn calories. The focus is on what requirements you want to achieve. If you want to lose weight, it may be suitable for participating in some relatively high-intensity sports, such as skipping and swimming. Compared with running, these two The ability to burn calories is higher, and rope skipping and swimming are more effective for the same exercise time.

Experts believe that as a Weight loss person, you should arrange a Weight loss plan for yourself and understand the calorie consumption of each exercise, so that you can make reasonable arrangements and avoid affecting your weight loss results. Some people obviously participate in the same exercise, but the effect is quite different. This shows that the calorie consumption of exercise is not only affected by the exercise itself, but also has a great relationship with gender, age, weight base, and exercise time. If your body is at an overweight level, you can't just participate in exercise, but you must also change your eating habits. Only in this way can you ensure the results of weight loss.

When participating in calorie-consuming exercises, you should also pay attention to time. For the same exercise, exercising for 20 minutes a day may not have any effect. If you persist for another 10 minutes, the effect will be completely different after 30 minutes. It is generally recommended that the length of aerobic exercise should be as long as 30 minutes or more, so as to have a chance to consume fat. If you only insist on a short 20 minutes, only glycogen will be consumed, and the fat will be over before it can be mobilized.

When participating in exercise, the greater the amount of exercise, the easier the heart rate is to increase. When the amount of bleeding cannot meet the body's need for oxygen, it will be in an anaerobic state. At this time, fat is no longer the main source of energy release, and it will still decompose glycogen. Basic, so although the amount of exercise is important, it should not be overweight, and the effect of balanced exercise is the best. In short, as long as there is a need to lose weight, you must participate in calorie-consuming exercises to ensure the effect of weight loss.

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