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How can a cup of black tea lose three kilograms?

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Many people don't know that black tea can lose weight. Today I will give you a specific introduction to black tea to lose weight.

Why black tea can lose weight

For people who do not like coffee but want to use caffeine to lose weight, black tea is an excellent alternative. Black tea is rich in caffeine, which can break down fat, decompose the accumulated body fat into the blood, and double the fat-burning power during exercise. In addition, caffeine also has a diuretic effect, which can stimulate the kidneys, dilate blood vessels, improve water metabolism, and discharge excess water and old waste. At the same time, caffeine can also activate gastric juice secretion and promote digestion, but people with a bad stomach should be careful not to take too much.

When is the best time to drink black tea?

(1) Drink before exercise and during the day to quickly increase fat decomposition

The high content of caffeine in black tea can promote fat decomposition. Choose to drink it during the day with heavy activity or before exercise, and the effect will be immediately visible.

(2) Take a cup of black tea 1 hour after the meal and scrape the fat

After a meal, a cup of black tea can drain fat and easily become a body that is not easy to get fat. After eating the greasy fat, one cup of black tea can absorb the fat and excrete it from the body. Drinking tea before meals will dilute the stomach acid, make the diet tasteless, and affect the absorption function of the digestive organs.

Of course, it is not advisable to drink black tea immediately after a meal, which will affect the body's absorption of protein and iron. It is recommended to drink black tea 1 hour after a meal.

(3) Speed ​​up the dissolution of caffeine and drink it while it is hot.

Of course, black tea must be drunk hot, because in addition to the best aroma of tea when it is steaming, caffeine can dissolve faster at high temperatures and reduce body fat accumulation for you.

The correct way to drink black tea

Drink before exercise

Drinking black tea really has the effect of losing weight. Drinking black tea contains a lot of caffeine. Caffeine has the effect of losing weight, which everyone knows. However, if caffeine is to be effective, the human body has to move, and caffeine only plays a role in breaking down fat when the human body exercises. Therefore, for those who want to lose weight by drinking black tea, it is best to drink a cup of black tea before exercising, so that during the exercise, caffeine will exert its magical effect and break down the excess fat in the body along with everyone's exercise.

1 cup after meal

Drinking black tea can not only break down the excess fat in the body, but also help excrete the excess fat in the intestines, so that no matter how much you eat, you will not get fat. Because no matter how much greasy food you eat, as long as you drink a cup of black tea, the fat will be absorbed in the intestinal waste and will be excreted along with the waste. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink black tea after meals, so that you can achieve a better Weight loss effect.

Drink hot black tea

Nowadays, many people like cold drinks, even when drinking tea, they like to drink cold tea. But if you want to drink black tea to achieve Weight loss, then I suggest you drink hot black tea, because caffeine can only work at high temperatures to help eliminate excess fat.

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