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How to eat a healthy weight loss meal: three restrictions, one in moderation

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The best way to lose weight If you want to lose weight successfully, you don’t have to eat anything. As long as the matching is reasonable, you can lose weight with confidence. Today’s article will help you get the problem of eating.

5 tips for reducing fat meals:

1. Limit the total energy:

It is necessary to gradually reduce energy intake and at the same time assist in appropriate physical activity. For adults with mild obesity, it is advisable to lose 0.5kg to 1.0kg of weight per month, that is, to reduce the energy intake of 125kcal to 250kcal per day. Adults who are moderately obese or above should lose 2 kg to 5.0 kg of weight per month, and reduce energy intake of 510 kcal to 1280 kcal per day.

2. Appropriate amount of protein:

Every cell in our body needs protein to build, especially muscles. In addition, a high-protein menu has many benefits. It can speed up muscle recovery after exercise, reduce muscle loss and promote muscle growth. Because it takes longer to digest protein than carbohydrates, high-protein meals are more resistant to hunger.

How much protein should I take? Approximately the number of pounds in the body is converted into grams. For example, a 140-pound man would consume 140 grams of protein.

A small box of high-calcium skimmed milk: 8.26 grams of protein

An ordinary egg: 6.29 grams of protein

100 grams of lean beef: 36 grams of protein

3. Limit fat:

Excessive intake of fat can lead to ketosis. While restricting dietary energy supply, it is necessary to limit the supply of dietary fat, especially the supply of animal fat. Fat is easy to deposit in the subcutaneous tissue and around the internal organs, leading to fatty liver and some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The dietary fat of obese people should be controlled at 25% to 30% of the total energy intake.

4. Limit sugars:

The supply of sugars should be controlled at 40% to 55% of the total energy of the diet, and foods containing monosaccharides such as sucrose and maltose should be avoided. The intake of dietary fiber can be unlimited, so you should eat more high-fiber foods appropriately.

5. Breakfast is big, lunch, dinner is small:

The best way to lose weight is just the opposite of our traditional dietary ratio. The ratio of breakfast, lunch and dinner should be large, medium and small, because we usually consume the least energy at night, so we don’t need to eat too much food.

Furthermore, if you sleep with a full stomach, your abdomen will easily become bigger and a small belly will grow! But the editor understands the importance of dinner to Chinese people, so it is almost enough to arrange a sumptuous dinner once or twice a week, and it can also increase the expectation of life!

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