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The best food for detoxification and weight loss after radish festival

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Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, and keep you safe throughout the year.” Traditional Chinese medicine has used radish as medicine for more than a thousand years.

"Diet Therapy · Materia Medica" said that radish "helps the five internal organs, lightens the body, and makes the skin thin." It can be seen that radish can not only make a person's body light and healthy through Weight loss, but also have the effects of beauty and delicate skin. Modern studies have shown that: radish contains glucose, sucrose, fructose, double-stranded ribonucleic acid, multiple vitamins, and trace elements, which can regularly increase intestinal tension and peristalsis, shorten the retention time of food in the intestine, and facilitate food metabolism And the discharge of waste, without dieting to achieve the effect of dieting.

The radish contains less calories and more cellulose, which makes it easy to feel full after eating, all of which help to lose weight. Radish can also prevent the occurrence of diseases such as gallstones. Especially double-stranded ribonucleic acid can induce the human body to produce interferon and increase the body's immunity, which is of great significance for preventing cancer and other diseases. It can be seen that eating radish is really good for multiple purposes!

As for the way of eating, raw food is the best. It can be served cold, dipped in sauce, processed into kimchi, or eaten as fruit. If you can insist on eating 50-100 grams of raw radish per meal, you will receive unexpected benefits.

You can eat carrots, white radishes, and green radishes. By the way, although carrots and radishes are different in botany, they have similar effects and contain carotene and certain hypoglycemic components. It is also beneficial to insist on eating. The ancients said: "It is better to treat good medicine than good food", want to lose weight? Please eat carrots first!

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