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Want to lose weight, how to eat oil? 4 ways to teach you "Eat oil without getting fat

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The most painful thing when losing weight is to eat. You can’t eat meat or oil. You can only eat vegetables and fruits. It sounds terrible, but can you really not touch a drop of oil when you lose weight?

Why do you need to consume fat when you lose weight?

Food fats not only provide the basic calories needed for human life, but also contain various fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. At the same time, they can also promote the absorption of these vitamins in the intestines, which can be said to be very useful. In addition, food fat also contains fatty acids, which are indispensable to the body but cannot be synthesized by ourselves.

Therefore, we cannot completely reject the fat in food just because we want to lose weight. A reasonable intake of fat is not only good for our health, but also effective to help us increase satiety and control appetite!

However, almost all foods contain fat, how should we eat to be healthy without affecting fitness? This starts with fatty acids, an important part of fat~

The hazards of not eating oil

1. Harm to the body

In order to lose weight quickly, some people do not touch the fat at all, so they can use water for three meals a day, so that they can lose 2 kilograms around, but in fact, you will find it difficult to stick to it because your hands and feet will often be cold and fearful. Cold, the abdomen will be very uncomfortable during the menstrual period.

Second, the weight may rebound greatly

When you have to stop the fat-free diet and restore your normal fat intake, your body is likely to desperately hoard most of the fat. This is the body's defense against fear that you will enter an oil-free diet again.

Three, the consequences of affecting hormones are serious

With less fat intake, hormones will be produced less and less, cholesterol will be less and less, and cholesterol is a source of estrogen. However, if the female hormones are reduced, menstruation will start to be disordered, and in severe cases, it may even lead to infertility.

How to choose oil for fitness people?

first of all 

Of course we have to stay away from the quiet and old-fashioned saturated fatty acids! Do not eat the fats and oils of livestock such as pigs, cows and sheep, including cooking oil and fat!

For the second type of fatty acids that are too active, we must take in moderate amounts, choose fish and shrimp seafood to supplement essential fatty acids, and control cooking oil with high polyunsaturated fatty acid content.
At last 

The third type of fatty acids can be supplemented in sufficient quantities on the premise of satisfying essential nutrients, and the cooking oil should be rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.
How to consume fat to be healthy and lose weight?

1. Usually eat in moderation, do not eat for 2 hours before and after exercise!

2. If you want to lose weight and shape your body, it is recommended that you mainly consume fat from food, and don't skip fat or take extra fat.

3. Normal eating lean red meat can supplement saturated fat; saturated fat is not completely "bad" fat, it can increase the level of serum testosterone, which is beneficial to those who gain muscle and bodybuilders.

4. Fish, shrimp, shellfish, nuts, etc. can supplement unsaturated fat in the daily diet.

If you don't eat oil, do you want to continue this wrong way to lose weight? Treat the fat correctly and control the amount of fat intake in order to lose weight healthily

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