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The best exercise for weight loss has 6 premises! No wonder you can't reduce it

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The best exercise for weight loss at the same exercise intensity, compared to less sweating, more sweating means a little more muscle glycogen is consumed, not a better Weight loss effect. Therefore, more or less sweating has no effect on Weight loss.

The best exercise for weight loss People who sweat a lot should drink plenty of water, and replenish water in time during and after running. If you sweat a lot while running, if you don’t drink water, your blood vessels will dilate after exercise, and the blood supply to your brain and heart will decrease. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemia will be more serious.

Correct 4 wrong views:

1. Perspiration clothing is a pseudo-scientific thing, it will cause severe dehydration of your body.

2. A lot of water is needed during exercise, but a small amount of drinking must be repeated many times to avoid intestinal discomfort.

3. Drink plenty of water in your life. Don't wait until you are thirsty to die, because your body is already dehydrated at that time. Judging whether the body is dehydrated: Judging by the urine, the yellower the urine, the more water you may need to drink.

4. Sweating is for the body to cool down and to take away the waste produced by the body's metabolism.

Is it better to sweat or to sweat less?

Excessive sweating does not mean that the fat loss effect is good. Sweating only plays a role in regulating body temperature and expelling part of the metabolic waste.

For people who often run or want to lose weight through running, we must pay attention to the following issues:

1. Regular physical examination

For those planning a marathon, a physical examination is a must. Even if you do not plan to race horses, everyone who runs, regardless of age, should have regular physical examinations.

2. Avoid running in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low

If the outdoor temperature is above 30 degrees or below zero, it is best not to choose outdoor running. In this environment, strenuous exercise, the possibility of accidents in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is very high.

3. Replenish water in time

This has been stated very clearly at the beginning. One thing that needs to be added here is that if you sweat excessively and need a lot of hydration, it is best to choose light salt water (the ratio of 1 gram of salt to 100 grams of pure water).

4. Slow, not fast

The best exercise for weight loss Run for health and weight loss. You don’t have to be fast. Jogging is the best. For most runners, if the running speed is too fast, or if they accelerate suddenly, it will cause myocardial ischemia, and the risk of sudden death will rise linearly.

5. Long-distance running, but not too long

Running 30 kilometers is the physical limit for most people. Runners in the marathon are also more likely to become "combined walking and running" after 30 kilometers, but they just can't run. Therefore, for daily running, even if you have the heart and strength, it is best not to exceed 30 kilometers. For health, jogging for 7 kilometers is the best choice between half an hour and 1 hour.

6. Running is easy, pay attention to the brakes

It is best to lose weight. People who insist on exercising for a long time tend to have a sense of excitement during exercise, especially long-distance running. Once you enter a point of excitement, your tiredness will be wiped out. In this case, it is easy to exceed the limit of your body. In this case, you should brake in time and don't continue blindly.

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