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Can I eat meat to lose weight? To solve these three problems, you can eat with confidence

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Of course you can eat meat to lose weight

There are many benefits to eating meat. It is rich in high-quality protein, lipids, fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins and minerals, and is the main source of human protein.

Moreover, protein can effectively inhibit gastric hunger hormone, making us more resistant to hunger, that is, the legendary feeling of fullness is stronger.

With high nutritional value and a strong sense of fullness, meat can be said to be a very good food.

But no matter how good the food is, you can’t afford to eat like this. Many people gain weight like this:

1. Eat a lot, have a lot of calories, and can't consume it-turn fat and store it.

2. When cooking the meat, put more sauces, the calories of the fried dishes = the calories of the meat + the calories of the sauce, double crit, the calories are too much, and it can’t be consumed—turn the fat and store it.

So it’s not that you can’t eat meat, but you have to pay attention to the amount and cooking methods.

Eat palm-sized meat (40~75g) every day during Weight loss. The cooking methods are mainly simple steaming, stewing, and roasting. With less seasoning and less processing, you can still eat with confidence.

02 Red meat and white meat are good

Many people think that white meat is better than red meat during Weight loss, because in many Internet celebrity fitness meals, the proportion of white meat is much greater than that of red meat.

But in fact, the difference between the two types of meat is not that big.

Bibi protein:

Red meat: The average protein content of pork is about 13.2%, while beef and lamb can reach about 20%.

White meat: The protein content of chicken is about 20%, and that of duck is about 16%

Bibi Fat:

Red meat: pork has the highest fat content, followed by lamb, and beef has the lowest

White meat: chicken is 9%~14%; duck meat is about 20%

From the data of protein and fat content, it seems that pork performs the worst, and chicken and beef are the best.

However, the content of protein and fat does not fully reflect the nutritional value of a serving of meat, and there is no big difference in the amount we eat.

In general, red meat and white meat each have their own strengths. If you have to choose one...

I choose to eat simply and roughly in turns, one to five red meat, two to four six white meat. What about Sunday?

Flip the brand! Eat whoever is turned over.

03 Broth is indeed not suitable to drink often during weight loss

The meat can be eaten during the weight loss period, but the broth is going to be a little longer.

There have been many reports that bone soup does not supplement calcium, and most of the soup is fat.

In fact, most of the fat is not only in the bone soup, but most of the soup made from pork bones and chicken with skin is also a lot of fat. There is more fat in the thick soup.

If you want to supplement by drinking soup, eating meat directly is more practical than drinking soup.

But you can also drink broth. When cooking the soup, pay attention to use less pork bones, peel off the skin, and make it lighter. Just drink it before meals~

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