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How long can I lose 1 kg of fat if I don’t eat anything?

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The weather is getting hotter and Weight loss is in full swing, but many little fairies still don’t know how to lose weight is the fastest and most trouble-free. Weight loss must be based on theory and practice. You must first learn theoretical knowledge before you can start actual exercise. Here are some key points about weight loss, let’s take a look.
How long can I lose 1 kg of fat if I don’t eat anything?

It is easy to lose weight, but it is totally impossible to rely on hunger. An adult woman does not eat anything, and it takes 3 to 4 days to lose a kilogram of fat. At that time, let alone lose weight, even standing up is a big problem.

Is normal BMI healthy?

No, there is a category of people who don’t seem to be fat and have very slender limbs, but they still have a lot of fat accumulated in their bodies. A large amount of visceral fat is more harmful to human health than subcutaneous fat.

When a person's BMI is normal, but the body fat rate exceeds the range of a normal person, then this type of person is called a hard obese person, and this type of person is more harmful than a normal obese person. Because I didn't realize that I was obese, I might not think about losing weight, and I have no restraint in eating.

Can the tightness of the body be reduced?

Some people have strong flesh. Such people usually have insufficient flexibility and tight muscle fascia. Therefore, if such people want to lose weight, the first thing they should do is to perform local massage and relax on the firmer parts.

How to run better to lose weight

Regarding running to lose weight, many people hold different opinions, saying that “running to lose weight does not rebound, and dieting loses weight and panic.” The editor is also like this. As a sedentary office worker, many people are actually quite willing to use running to lose weight, but the effect of running to lose weight is always not so satisfactory. Why?

Not fully warmed up

Adequate warm-up before running is directly related to your fat loss efficiency, and sufficient warm-up before running can also make your body enter the state in advance and effectively avoid sports injuries.

Running is like saving money. Don't want to become a millionaire all at once, as long as you have more money today than yesterday.

Remember to stretch after running to restore the body's muscles to their original length. A standard run should be done when warming up and stretching are all done, so don't be too troublesome, so discard these.

Healthy weight loss

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