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Must eat lighter during weight loss? Can I have some chili?

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You can eat chili during Weight loss, but it is best not to eat spicy and irritating food. Therefore, eating chili is not only not very helpful for Weight loss, but also does not promote fat burning, but also stimulates appetite.
During weight loss, you can eat some peppers appropriately, which can help lose weight and promote fat burning. You should not eat too much. Appropriate peppers can promote blood circulation and beautify your skin. However, if you eat too much spicy food, it may be possible. It can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, endocrine disorders and other symptoms. Excessive consumption of chili can lead to increased food, overeating, and obesity.

Capsaicin can promote blood circulation, increase the body's heat dissipation, and strengthen energy metabolism pathways. Under the same food intake, it is beneficial to reduce weight. Although capsaicin is good for burning calories, it also promotes appetite. Some chili sauce products are called "eat an extra bag of rice a month", which vividly illustrates the appetite-stimulating effect of chili peppers. The calorie consumption caused by it is very limited, but the effect of increasing appetite cannot be ignored.

Why light diet during weight loss

A light diet helps to lose weight.

A light diet is very important for people who lose weight.

Light food is easier to digest and absorb. If you eat too salty. The wastes in the body cannot be discharged well, and at the same time, it causes fat accumulation and water retention in the body, which makes the waist and abdomen become bloated and obese.

The more greasy and spicy food stays in the intestines for a longer time. Excessive oil not only makes fat accumulate, but also affects the endocrine system. The body's metabolic waste cannot be discharged normally, and fatness is inevitable.

A light diet is a diet with a lighter taste under the premise of balanced diet and reasonable nutrition. It is mainly manifested as the "four less", that is, less oil, less sugar, less salt, and less spicy. From a nutritional point of view, a light diet can best reflect the taste of the food itself and preserve the nutrients of the food to the greatest extent.

Although our gastrointestinal digestion functions are different from person to person, one thing is the same: light food is easier to digest and absorb. Eating too salty will make the body wastes not well discharged, and at the same time cause fat accumulation and water retention in the body, making the waistline and body become bloated and obese.

The more greasy and spicy food stays in the intestines for a longer time. Excessive oil not only allows fat to accumulate slowly, but also affects the endocrine system. The body's metabolic waste is blocked on the "road" of the intestinal tract. Weird.

Precautions for diet during weight loss

1. To lose weight, drink plenty of water to promote fat metabolism.

2. The eating speed should be slowed down. Each meal should be no less than 15 minutes, usually around 20 minutes.

3. The soup of each meal is best to be drunk before the meal.

4. Snacks should not be excessive, such as peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, melon seeds, chocolate, etc., because they are rich in fats.

5. The best choice of meat is rabbit meat, fish, etc., followed by chicken or lean pork. Don't choose fatty meat.

6. The best cooking oil is olive oil or other vegetable oils, less lard, butter and butter, and less oil for cooking.

7. Drink less carbonated drinks and fruit juices that are too sweet, which will increase energy intake.

8. Eat less sweets and delicate pastries.

9. There is no limit to the amount of vegetables in each meal, so you can eat more, but you should put less oil.

10. If possible, it is best to have small meals and divide the total amount of the day into 4-6 meals.

11. Drink more teas that can reduce fat and lose weight, such as Pu'er tea, hawthorn tea, lotus leaf tea, etc.

Healthy weight loss

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